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  1. It's been a minute since I've been on AO and I'm not sure what is allowed here in terms of commentary....but was is most concerning to me is that while the Muslim ban is making the headlines and (rightfully) causing outrage....Trump removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence as members of the National Security Council. He added Steven Bannon- a man with no government, intelligence, or high-level military experience. Bannon, a known nationalist and white supremacist now sits on the council that was authorized to carry out secret, legal, assassinations of Americans (and others deemed enemies of the United States) without due process after 9/11..
  2. quick question all...pre sale day makes my brain hurt. For the presale code- does that only work if you order thru the fan club site or does it also work if you call ticketmaster? also....excited to report I am bribging a newbie Adam fan to the show! She came to TOH tour with me and loved it so I can't wait for her to have this experience too!
  3. How exciting! I prefer Adam touring solo to QAL, but I do love the spectacle that QAL affords because the majesty of his voice in an arena setting is incredible. Saw them at MSG last tour and it was quite the feat to get tix- so best of luck to everyone on Tuesday I'm hoping to hit Barclays and one other this year.
  4. What song are you listening to?

    Attended the epic Temple of the Dog show at MSG this week....for those who don't know TOD made one album 25 yrs ago. Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) wrote and recorded songs as a way of grieving after his roommate Andy Wood (singer of Mother Love Bone) od'd. He recorded them with the rest of MLB- all of whom eventually formed Pearl Jam with Eddie Vedder.
  5. Hi all- I haven't been around in a while. Too annoyed by things beyond my control to post here. But, after last night I was looking for some fun distraction but found this thread. NYC was somber today. People looked like they looked after 9/11 happened- shell shocked, numb, saddened, angered... I must say I am terrified and ashamed to be an American. Everything feels so raw. So much good will be undone in favor of bigotry, antisemitism, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia....not even mentioning his stance on the environment and climate change. This president was elected without having any concrete proposals and without transparency (we still haven't seen his tax return). I am very sorry to see the harm we have done to ourselves today. He will for certain fill one seat on the Supreme Court, but possibility two. My daughter may grow up in a world where she does not have control over her own body. Come January we must watch the first black president hand over the White House to a man endorsed by the KKK. But honestly, aside from the Supreme Court, the thing that scares me the most is Pence. I think Trump wants to BE president without doing any of the actual work. Pence believes in Creationism and conversion therapy and thinks climate change is a myth. While gov of Indiana he signed legislation legalizing discrimination against LBGTQ persons and has stated he is a Christian, Conservative, and Republican- in that order. So much for separation of Church and State.
  6. Annnnnd.....I'm outta likes so I'm giving LOVE... It was RIVETING!!!! It was social media at it's best with tweets flying, a periscope feed live on CNN....just awesome indeed. and thanks for the instructions....off to try and fix it now. I don't know why but nothing about this board makes intuitive sense to me
  7. I don't think I'm bashing her but we can agree to disagree.
  8. My only experience with Simon was the watching when Adam was on Idol- as I never watched it before or since...but I thoroughly enjoyed Simon. I like that he was honest with a bit of snark. What's the point of judges if they only say that was so great even if it wasn't? Now I'm not saying to be mean- like it sounds like Mel B was- but there's a way to deliver criticism that is constructive and will help the person improve for next time.
  9. Max- what an awesome idea for a thread! I am still making my way through (only on about page 4) but I want to play too! I grew up in a music house. I could spend all day in this thread sharing stories! My dad is an avid music fan and there was always music playing. To this day my first instinct when I wake up or get in from being out is to put music on. His favorite band is the Beatles- so from about the age of 6 I could sing (albeit off-key) any Beatles song. He also used songs to tell stories about his childhood. So any Beatles song and all of the songs below immediately make me think of my dad. He would sing part of a song and then ask us to name the artist or name the song or finish the lyric. CSNY- Teach Your Children: I think he used this song as a blueprint for parenting. He would sing it to us whenever he was proud of us. Edwin Starr- WAR: Still to thsi day my dad will randomly shout out "War, what is it good for?" and like a call and response we have to answer back "Absolutely nothing, say it again now." Lou Reed- Walk on the Wild Side" My dad as always singing this song growing up. I dont' even have one specific memory. Just him singing the 'do, do, dodo, doddododo' part The first concert I went to by myself- meaning just with friends- was Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation. I think I was 14. I felt so grown up. I went with my friend and her older brother. I remember trying to learn the choreography with my friends and getting combat boots so I could look cool. Looking at it today that breakdown is still pretty sick. Phish- Run Like An Antelope: Not sure if there any Phish fans here....but this song is sort of the equivalent of RGG in that it is a fan favorite and toward the end the whole crowd screams and chants and runs in place "you've got to run like an antelope out of control". The clip below isn't the actual show I was at- but it captures the similar feeling of being a part of a mass of people sweating, dancing, vibing, soaring so high you feel like you wont' ever come down Be back later for more!
  10. Feeling Bummed about iHeart

    Sizzling I also always cringe when he says he follows trends or it's his job to look at trends. I get where he is coming from- that' it's good to know what's trending and what's current, but he's making it sound like he will calibrate what he produces based on trends. Which he doesn't do- Adam always seems to be very true to himself and his vision for whatever he is creating.
  11. oops- I didn't see you started this Carter. Let me see if I can delete the thread I created. ETA- I am so technologically challenged...lol Does anyone know how to delete a thread? Or do I just change the title to say duplicate/disregard?
  12. What a beautiful location for a show! I haven't read thru the whole thread (yay for lots of discussion!) but I must say that I am loving his wardrobe on this stop. He looks so fine in tank tops (and pants, and long sleeves, and shorts, and sunglasses, and hats, and......oops ) He just does not take a bad picture. And the pants! Staying in the shallow end for a minute the one thing I missed during TOH was tight pants! Carter that pic with the curtain coming up doesn't even look real.. It's looks like a ghost or something! The call and response with Bri's guitar is hauntingly gorgeous- there aren't even words really....
  13. I don't know why but I am always so tickled to see pics of the convoy of trucks. I guess it just reinforces all the work that goes into these shows. They are traveling with a small army! I don't know what it is for this leg, but I think the US tour was something like 13 trucks- so much equipment, so many people needed to set it up and then take it all down and pack up right after the show. When I stop to think about it it's really mind boggling. I wonder how the QAL production compares to some other big-name shows- like Madonna or LG. What a fascinating thing to be a part of. I think I missed my calling guys- I want to be a roadie!!!!!!!!!
  14. I think I read that even though Trump says he is 'self funding' he isn't really. He's not donating money to his campaign- he is loaning money to his campaign. So I guess he excepts to get that money back? He also reimburses himself when he uses Trump companies for servicing the campaign- such as flying in a Trump plane. How that is even allowed I don't know...
  15. Follow up Album to The Original High

    It's interesting to hear how everyone came to be a fan of Adam. I didn't watch Idol but I heard so many people talking about him in particular that I looked up his performances on You Tube. And I was hooked from the first note! Karen- I was a bit opposite from you. I definitely thought of Queen as 'that band with We Will Rock You' and really only knew them because of the headbanging scene in Wayne's World. When QAL was announced I bought tickets because of Adam.I figured even if I didn't know any songs it would still be awesome becasue Adam woudl be singing. Before the show I listened to some Queen albums and realized I recognized more songs (Under Pressure, Fat Bottom Girls) but when reading the set lists from the QAL shows that happened before mine there were many songs I didn't know. So I sort of re-discovered or fully discovered Queen through Adam. The band was just before my time and I only associated them with sports stadium anthems. I had of course heard the name FM and knew he passed away and had fronted Queen but didn't know any other band members or that they had toured with PR...but now their music is on my rotation of what we listen to around the house Saffrom- yes I was referring to Shosh and DMG not WBR . A publicist's relationship with writers will impact the success of a press campaign and Shosh doesn't seem to have relationships with mainstream media (just based on where Adam gets covered and where he doesn't). A bunch of artists have dropped her recently (I think Usher, Lion Babe, Pharrell, Lion Babe, Nathan Sykes) and itt would be great if he would sign with a group like 42West- a legit firm with strong contacts. Adam never seems to stop moving and if all this great stuff he does found it's way into media outlets read/seen/followed by the general public it would be a great opportunity to expose him to new audiences. Look at NJ or DL- they are everywhere because they are repped by people with clout.