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  1. Queen and Adam are raking it in!!

    I wonder how much he makes for each concert.
  2. Adam mentions in articles about the NEW American Idol

    A little off topic but I still can't believe that Katy Perry is a judge on a singing show. She can't sing in tune. I had to laugh when I saw her telling a contestant how to use their vibratto. She has no vibratto.
  3. Lambert VIP meet and greet

    The "meet and greet" may be about 15 seconds with Adam to get a photo with him. You are paying for a good seat as well Just make sure that the 15 seconds that you get is worth the money you are paying for it. It is not a cocktail party where you can converse with Adam. It is a line of people who walk up and get a photo and have a chance to say a few sentences to Adam. You might get something similar just hanging out at the stage door before the concert and ask him to pose for a selfie with you.
  4. Is the most recent tour going to Asia?

    Brian said "One more time" when they booked their first tour. So, who knows. I don't think that they would tour the same areas with the same show or a different show for at least two years in between. That would mean 2019/20. If they are going to put on a new show, they need to tour enough cities to make it worthwhile financially. That means at least a year but more than likely two years of touring a new show. If Brian and/or Roger cannot do as many shows as close together like they are currently doing, that would extend the tour time span. They cannot fake it playing Queen music. There is no guitar backup player to take some of the burden off of Brian. He doesn't get a break except for the drum solo. There is a percussionist besides Roger but Roger cannot fake his playing while someone else hits the drums. I don't think Brian and Roger would tour if they couldn't give it the 100% they are giving now. Both Brian and Roger have to be in shape to tour. So, considering all of this, this could be the last group of shows. If not, surely there wouldn't be two new worldwide tours in the future. Unfortunately, it took 5 years after Idol for QAL to start touring. Had Adam done Idol a few years earlier, we might have gotten one or two more Queen shows. Well, we can't complain because we got to see the greatest collaboration of singer and musicians and incredible music that will live with us all of our lives.
  5. Song reaction

    Do they list the names in the order of who contributed the most to the song? Is the person who is listed first the person who wrote the most music and/or lyrics of the song? I think Adam needs to write a song entirely by himself to get credibility as a songwriter. Co-writing, especially when there are three or four or more writers, doesn't seem to make an artist known as a songwriter. It is different for an artist like Elton John, who doesn't claim to write lyrics, but he writes great melodies for lyrics where the result is hit songs. I can never tell what influence Adam has had on any of his songs. I would like to see him write an entire song with lyrics himself so that I can know what Adam is capable of and what his musical and lyrical interpretation of a song could be.
  6. Is the most recent tour going to Asia?

    They just announced more dates in Germany and Italy. Maybe they will add Asia at the tail end of that. Maybe this is why Adam has not planned a date to release his own music. He has said that the album is finished before but now he is writing more music again. He needs a good few months to promote an album. But, Roger and Brian are not getting any younger and touring with Queen is a big part of Adam's income so I guess that QAL has to be his priority over releasing his own music. Brian and Roger may not want to stop touring but they have to get insurance to go on a world-wide tour. If either of them should get a medical problem that makes then uninsurable, that might preclude another worldwide tour. they have to leave some time between tours. They left three years between North American tours so that would push another world tour to 2020. Add about two years to complete the tour and that brings Brian to about 75 years old. I don't think Brian and Roger would tour unless they thought they could play with as much vigor and proficiency as they are currently showing so that could put another world tour in doubt. Tours will get more expensive to produce as new technology in tour presentation becomes available so age does become a factor in the future. Brian and Roger need a lot more stamina for a tour than Paul McCartney would need. Brian is more of a guitar player and Roger needs strength and endurance on the drums so I don't think you can compare what they do on a tour to a solo frontman their age who is touring but doesn't require the riffing on the guitar and banging on the drums. Adam has been out of the spotlight as a solo performer for almost 3 years so I hope he is not being forgotten in the solo artist world. Adam is getting older so his appeal to young fans is not what it was. It is harder to get radio play as you get older, especially when you have not gotten your fair share of radio play before. I hope Adam's strategy in delaying publication of his own music works to his advantage.
  7. QAL is big in Asia. I haven't seen anything about this tour going to Asia. Have they announced anything yet? I can't imagine them leaving Asia off the schedule. After Asia, they could send all the gear across the lower Pacific Ocean to South America. They haven't been there since 2015. If they want to keep touring, those would be the places to go to. If they are going to do another world tour, it would likely be in 2020. Will Brian and Roger be physically able to do such a rigorous tour in their '70s?
  8. Is Pharaoh missing something((s) in the back under his tail? I've never seen a male dog without them!
  9. ADAMITES2015, I bet Pharaoh does follow Adam around that very big house. Dogs are pack animals and they don't like to be alone. They worry about the member of the pack that is not with them. My dog follows me around my condo. When she doesn't follow me around, I find her sitting in my place in the room where I just was. She knows that I am not going away. Adam's home is so big and it has a lot of entrances and exits and different floors that I am sure that Pharaoh does follow him around wherever he goes. I used to want to be reincarnated as my own dog. Now I want to be reincarnated as Adam's dog! After he stops touring though.
  10. Queen + Adam Lambert - VR The Champions

    It's hard to believe that no one here has seen it yet. I am going to look at a message board for Queenonline.
  11. Queen + Adam Lambert - VR The Champions

    Is it an entire concert? I don't have use for a VR kit except for this. If this is not an entire concert, i don't think I will get it right now. Has anyone seen the entire video? Is it good enough to watch it on a cell phone or should you view it on a better VR system?
  12. As far as voice quality goes, I don't think Freddie holds a candle to Adam. I have listened to isolated vocals of Freddie and they are not that great. He often was out of tune. The music covered a lot of pitch problems. I hope that someday someone will do a tribute to Adam as a performer and to his incredible voice.
  13. Queen + Adam Lambert - VR The Champions

    has anyone purchased VR the Champions? Is it a full concert? How did you view it? How did you purchase it? I have no idea how VR works. I have seen VR headsets sold on tv. Do you purchase it as an app on your phone and view it on your phone in the viewer? If you can watch it online, it can't be in VR. Are there differences in quality of VR viewers? Is there a better way to watch it in VR than using a VR headset with a cell phone? If your cell phone is not HD, will it still show in VR? Once you purchase it, can you watch it in mofe than one way, say online and with a VR headset? Thanks
  14. Actor Adam

    what is this thing about Broadway? Is this a show Adam might be appearing in?
  15. Adam sale his home house in L.A. Why now??

    I think Adam is flush with cash right now from the Queen tours and he needs to put the money somewhere where it will appreciate. The stock market is at record highs and maybe he doesn't want to buy into it right now. He bought this home with cash and he may buy his next house with cash so to him it is the right time to buy the home he will want to stay in for the rest of his life. I don't think this house is his dream house. it was fine when he bought it but it is right on the street and there is no privacy. Now he can afford to buy the house he really wants and why not do it. Maybe he knows that there may not be Queen tours any more after this series ends. They fit over 50 dates into less than a year to cover the world with the tour they have now. Maybe Brian and Roger are getting tired of touring.They put in a good 4 years of touring the world and at their ages they may be done touring.