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    Adam himself said that there would b e music coming out this year.

    So fan, Adam has not put out any new music. This time of the year is the most competitive for music sales for the holidays. A lot of artists are putting out new albums now so techically this is not a good time of the year to put out new music, especially if you want a #1 album. Adam could put out a single soon before the end of the year but he is competing with all the singles that are coming from all of those albums. Adam recently was in a studio working on new music. I don't know how far in advance an album needs to be finished before it is marketed and published. If Adam was recently in the studio working on new music, that does not bode well for new music this year. It also does not bode well for the quality of the music on the album because if there was enough material of good songs, there would be no need to still be recording new songs. What do you think? Are we getting new music soon?
  3. For Adam, this was an audition. He wants to act and I am sure that he would like to sing a movie theme again. The people in the audience are very influential in recommending him for these jobs. It seems like Adam is getting some recognition now for his star power and singing talent as a mature performer and not as a "pop star."
  4. Queen topped the box office in its opening weekend with over $51 million in sales https://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/chart/
  5. More ADAM on our TV SOON!! Wicked Halloween special!

    carter, there is a way around geo-blocking. get a program called a VPN, a virtual private network. Using a VPN allows you to route your internet traffic through different servers in different countries so that the site you are visiting cannot find out who you are and what your IP is. You log onto the vpn and choose a server in a city as close as possible in the country to where the broadcast is coming from. for example, if the program you want to watch is in Sydney, Australia, you sign on to the vpn and choose Sydney as the server you are signing into rather than a Melbourne Australia server. The geo-location that will be detected at the website in Sydney will be a Sydney location and you can log in to the tv program's website and watch the show from anywhere in the world. I watched the X Factor Australia live in the United States using a VPN by connecting to a server in Sydney. I went to the tv show's website and watched it live. Give it a tru!
  6. There are errors in the article that they did not bother to correct. But, as long as they are saying great things about Adam we can let the details be a little wrong.
  7. Elvis' birthday was in early January. Adam as part of an event about Elvis where Adam was wearing Elvis' sunglasses a few years ago. There is a picture of Adam right at the beginning right after the text. i don't know if there is another photo of Adam after that. This was included in the thread about the book of stars wearing Elvis' sunglasses: "The photographer tweeted about Adam last night. He and Priscilla ADORE Adam!!! Awww! Christopher Ameruoso ‏@Chrisaphoto: @adamlambert Priscilla Presley & I adore Adam. He looked amazing wearing Elvis's shades can't wait for you all to see the final March 7" posted bu ALfann. Here is another video with a live Adam in it. the Book is called "Shades of Elvis."
  8. Here's Robbie Williams gushing over Adam

    Robbie either tweeted or posted that he would like to do a duet with Adam on a recording of a song.
  9. I think that the search for a hit is what has taken so long for Adam to put his new music out. It is not over three years and he needs to put an album out this year. I hope the reason that the album is coming out this year is because there is at least one hit on the album.
  10. I was looking for a video of the entire press conference. I didn't see it in either thread hun. Both threads are about the Park Theater performances.
  11. Does anyone have a video of the press conference? I couldn't find it on youtube and I don't see it on this site. Thanks if you can post it.
  12. There are so many documentaries of Queen from years ago that it only seems likely that they are going to put out a documentary about their journey with Adam. I have suspected this since the beginning. They are not going to ignore this part of their lives on film.
  13. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    The way to get around being geo-blocked is to get a virtual private network. It uses servers from around the world that you can connect to so that the site you are connecting to thinks that you are located in that country or hopefully close enough that you can get programming from that country. I watched X-Factor Australia live and after it aired by logging onto the VPN server in Australia so the X-Factor website thought I was located in Australia. If you find a VPN with a lot of servers around the world you should be able to connect to the geo-blocked sites. Make sure you connect before the concert starts and stay connected so you don't miss the beginning. Brian said in an interview that Adam had tried out for the Queen live theater show WWRY but they never saw him at auditions. It is likely that Brian and Roger had people at the auditions who were only sending through to them people they thought were talented enough to make the show. How did they miss Adam? Brian Justin Crum, who appeared on AGT and who had the same singing teacher as Adam, got into the show WWRY. Adam and Brian know each other. Brian is an incredible singer and performer. He did not get signed by a label after AGT. I think that is because he is a gay man who is nice looking who has a great singing voice and he is too similar to Adam and Simon Cowell didn't know what to do with him musically. Unfortunately, Brian sang songs that were too similar to each other on AGT so he did not show versatility like Adam did. Check him out on Youtube. I have posted several times that Brian and Roger must have seen a lot of talented singers and performers at the auditions for WWRY and they never found someone they thought could front Queen. I just recently heard Brian say that. I also posted very early that Adam was a "gift from God" to Queen and then Brian started saying that. I think I have a psychic connection with Brian. The most recent tour has not been to Asia yet.I am not sure if it has been to Australia. It is unusual for them not to take the tour to Asia. Maybe they weren't able to book arenas close enough in time to make it financially worthwhile. I expect it to go to Asia in the near future. It will have to wait until Adam puts out his new music. I think as soon as he finishes his promos for his new album, they will go to Asia. After the Vegas residency, I expect the demand for another US tour will be there and there will be at least one more North America tour as long as everyone stays healthy.
  14. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    Justin Hawkins from The Darkness wrote "Music Again" from Adam's first album. It has a great guitar riff in it. It would be a great full circle moment if Adam sang Music Again, The Darkness and Queen did the backup music and Brian did the guitar riffs and Rufus played the drums.
  15. Queen and Adam are raking it in!!

    I wonder how much he makes for each concert.