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  1. It might be Cavallo.
  2. Is Adam on the Out 50 List?
  3. A music producer named Rob (I don't remember his last name) said that Adam could sing every note a guitar could play. I found a video that explains how many octaves a guitar can play and what those notes are. I have read a lot about Adam's range. If this is true, his range is at least 4 octaves. I am sure that someone knows this producer's last name. There was a video of him talking about this during the time FYE was being recorded.
  4. One Lambert will be going through Pharoah withdrawal and one will be starting his Pharoah addiction anew! It is possible that Pharoah might not give Adam the reception he is anticipating. I find that when I have reunited with my dogs, the first reaction is a little colder than I would have expected at first. It doesn't take long for that to go away.
  5. Just got home from the show. It was great! It seemed like more of an integrated threesome this time compared to the last time. Loved the technology and the way the show was presented.Lighting and grapphics well integrated into the show. WWTLF was done in a softer way and it fit so well with the lasers.When Adam was asking Brian to help him find "somebody to love," a woman in my row was yelling "Here I am, here I am" with associated hand motions like "come get me" while someone was holding their cell phone light over her. I wore earplugs called "Vibes" that were incredible. They brought down the loudness of the show and got rid of distortion. The sound was very pure. The last time I wen to this concert, there was so much distortion i couldn't discern notes and words. This sound was crystal clear. I highly recommend them for any concert. I don't know why but it felt that Adam was closer to the audience this time compared to the last time. I was sitting in the same section as before. Maybe it was the open staging. Loved the screens and how 3D things looked. I loved that Adam did almost the entire song of Bohemian Rhapsody. It seemed more like Adam's show and less like he was sharing it with Freddie this time. The only times that Freddie appeared was for Love of my Life and the end of BoRhap. i enjoyed the subtle changes they made such as playing some parts of the songs for different lengths of time and singing the songs in a different way. It made the show fresh. The setlist flowed well. It was not an enthusiastic audience. That is always a bummer. It is hard to visualize each time I see him but Adam just keeps getting better and better. He is leaving more and more artists in a bigger and bigger cloud of dust. The problem is that not enough people in the world know it. Here's a singer and performer with no equal who performs in stadiums with Queen and small theaters on his own. I think part of the reason is that Adam's voice is not so distinctive that people would recognize that it is Adam singing if they didn't know his music. His voice is so pure and perfect. Maybe people want to hear less pure and perfect and more crude and less talented. The audience at this show did not seem to be a pop radio audience. Maybe people who haven't heard Adam's music think he does bubblegum pop, which is not their type of music. If you haven't gotten tickets, don't miss this show.
  6. I have read parts of some reviews and it seems to be a consensus from what I have read that Adam is better this time around than he was the first time. I can't imagine him being better than he was the first time. Maybe that is because I have been watching videos all along until this tour. Is Adam getting better or is it that the reviewers are getting more used to QAL and it is not new to them any more? Are the reviewers just over the newness of the collaboration and they are taking it for granted that Adam is great or is there really a perceptible difference between how well Adam does now vs. then?
  7. Has anyone been to a Meet and Greet on this tour? Are there going to be any?
  8. Wierd that they are touring North America and Adam is not in the US on July 4th.
  9. albertabroad, isn't what just gorgoeous? Is it me or are his eyebrows more upswept than they were before?
  10. This tour is going to have many more things to experience that we have not seen before so it s something I want to see live for the first time. I did watch a video that didn't show the stage behind them. I was hoping that there were more of these. I tried to read some reviews but they had videos on the pages that showed dsome of the new things so I stopped reading them. They also had descriptions of some of the new things in the text of the review. So, I gave up on the reviews. I did find the set list for the first few concerts to see what songs they were doing so that I could get familiar with the songs. Adam will sing it differently from Freddie so listening to Freddie's version won't spoil anything. I can't wait for the concert but then when it is over there is no concert to look forward to.
  11. When it is released to radio in the US, it will not be Two Fux. I think it will be Two Bux. He has to have a non-explicit version for radio. I don't think an artist can make an album without releasing singles to radio.
  12. I think I know why he made his hair neon red. he wants to distinguish this tour from the last one in videos so if people see him with the red hair they know that the video they may be watching is from the 2017 tour. Same with the clothes he wears. different enough from the first time to be easily recognized as from the 2017 tour.
  13. I have two tickets to sell for the Phila show at the Wells Fargo Center on July 30, 2017. It is a Sunday night. They are in section Lower 111 row 9 seats 16 and 17. I only want what I paid for them. It cost me 296.50. There may be a fee to get paper tickets that I will add to the price. If anyone is interested is there a way to private message me?
  14. On Amazon music- #62 Paid in Songs (See Top 100 Paid in Songs) #19 in Digital Music > I don't see it on the itunes chart unless I could be looking at an old chart. He has only released the explicit version which will limit sales right now.
  15. Having heard the single, it is nice but it lacks the attitude that he had when he sang it live. This will be another of his songs where I listen to a live performance rather than the studio version.