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  1. Is Pharaoh missing something((s) in the back under his tail? I've never seen a male dog without them!
  2. ADAMITES2015, I bet Pharaoh does follow Adam around that very big house. Dogs are pack animals and they don't like to be alone. They worry about the member of the pack that is not with them. My dog follows me around my condo. When she doesn't follow me around, I find her sitting in my place in the room where I just was. She knows that I am not going away. Adam's home is so big and it has a lot of entrances and exits and different floors that I am sure that Pharaoh does follow him around wherever he goes. I used to want to be reincarnated as my own dog. Now I want to be reincarnated as Adam's dog! After he stops touring though.
  3. Queen + Adam Lambert - VR The Champions

    It's hard to believe that no one here has seen it yet. I am going to look at a message board for Queenonline.
  4. Queen + Adam Lambert - VR The Champions

    Is it an entire concert? I don't have use for a VR kit except for this. If this is not an entire concert, i don't think I will get it right now. Has anyone seen the entire video? Is it good enough to watch it on a cell phone or should you view it on a better VR system?
  5. As far as voice quality goes, I don't think Freddie holds a candle to Adam. I have listened to isolated vocals of Freddie and they are not that great. He often was out of tune. The music covered a lot of pitch problems. I hope that someday someone will do a tribute to Adam as a performer and to his incredible voice.
  6. Queen + Adam Lambert - VR The Champions

    has anyone purchased VR the Champions? Is it a full concert? How did you view it? How did you purchase it? I have no idea how VR works. I have seen VR headsets sold on tv. Do you purchase it as an app on your phone and view it on your phone in the viewer? If you can watch it online, it can't be in VR. Are there differences in quality of VR viewers? Is there a better way to watch it in VR than using a VR headset with a cell phone? If your cell phone is not HD, will it still show in VR? Once you purchase it, can you watch it in mofe than one way, say online and with a VR headset? Thanks
  7. Actor Adam

    what is this thing about Broadway? Is this a show Adam might be appearing in?
  8. Adam sale his home house in L.A. Why now??

    I think Adam is flush with cash right now from the Queen tours and he needs to put the money somewhere where it will appreciate. The stock market is at record highs and maybe he doesn't want to buy into it right now. He bought this home with cash and he may buy his next house with cash so to him it is the right time to buy the home he will want to stay in for the rest of his life. I don't think this house is his dream house. it was fine when he bought it but it is right on the street and there is no privacy. Now he can afford to buy the house he really wants and why not do it. Maybe he knows that there may not be Queen tours any more after this series ends. They fit over 50 dates into less than a year to cover the world with the tour they have now. Maybe Brian and Roger are getting tired of touring.They put in a good 4 years of touring the world and at their ages they may be done touring.
  9. Actor Adam

    It would be a lead-in to acting. Sometimes you have to do something to show people what else you can do and get them to see you in a different way.
  10. Actor Adam

    I would love to see Adam do Dancing With the Stars. I don't think he wants to do reality television any time soon but I think it would be a great kick to his career. First of all, he could sing one of his hopefully new songs on the show. Adam has never performed on the show. I think the show used at least one of his songs for a couple to dance to. Second, it would put his incredible face and sexy body in front of lots of faces again to remind people that he still is around. Third, it would allow people to get to know his affable personality. He would get a lot of time to speak on the show. He is so likable that he would draw people in to see what his music is like. Fourth, it would get him to dance. He is still young and his body is still flexible and I think he would do very well on the show. He is tall and lean and he has great posture so his sex appeal would come through the screen. Fourth, it is almost 10 years since Idol. Or, it would be close to that because the first time he could do the show would be fall of 2018 due to the Queen tours. That would introduce him to a new generation of fans who were too young to know whim from Idol. Fifth, a lot of "stars" who do the show have gone on to new and different things in their careers. Adam is halfway through his thirties now so if he wants the young, romantic roles he has to start getting them now. If he can show that he can dance, he may be more likely to get roles that involve singing and dancing. Adam never did much dancing on Idol or any other tv show so this would make it widely known that he can dance. Sixth, it would show Adam dancing with a woman and that could be an entree into a heterosexual role in a movie or tv show. Seventh, he might be able to get Queen to perform on the show which would make people notice. The only downside I could see for him doing the show would be that people might think that he has to do reality tv again to keep himself in the public eye but once people hear he has put out 4 albums at least two of which were #3 on Billboard and one was #1 (we don't know how well album #4 will do on Billboard yet) and that he has toured the world several times with Queen over the past 6 years would wipe out that perception. I would love to see Adam as People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. It would be groundbreaking for People to put a gay man in that category and have him be their choice. Adam doesn't have a high enough profile for him to get that anointment so doing DWTS could help him raise his profile to get his name in consideration. I would hate for another gay man to get that title before Adam just because they have a higher profile with the public. Once People puts a gay man in that spot, they likely won't do it again for years.
  11. With the darker hair and the heavier beard, Adam reminded me of how he appeared in photos before he went on Idol. I was glad that the neon red hair was gone. it has been quite a drought of Adam performances so it was great to see a new one. I was getting the idea while watching him perform that it was not a great audience. It didn''t seem like there were people who were very interested in a performer in the front of the stage. I can't imagine what that would be like as a performer in an intimate hall like that. You are trying to engage the audience and they are just sitting there. I was glad that they stood up at the end. Adam must have chosen his songs for the audience he was performing for. Like, they were still alive when WWFM was on the charts but they all died since he put out new music after that. They were younger when STL was out by Queen. Now, he was singing to zombies. I thought the stage was too small for the long coat. Adam had no space around him and he was right up on the audience. I think a more close-fitting outfit would have been more appropriate. I love it when he wears tight-fitting outfits. I don't think we are going to get an album release until 2018. It is a smart idea to wait until next year. He won't be competing with major artists who will be releasing albums before Christmas.
  12. Adam is working on his 4th Album ???

    If he drops the album soon, he will have time to promote it before the European tour. August is a dead month for new music. If he doesn't release it soon, he won't have time to promote it. He would also be up against the Christmas releases that start dropping in November. He should want to drop it at a time when there will not likely be CDs released by other more prominent artists if he wants the chance at a #1. I have a good feeling that Adam will be on Alisan's new album, probably on the first or second single. There is a narrative about Adam and Alisan and how they met and how long they have been friends. There is also how they helped each other choose songs for the competition shows they were on. That is good stuff for interviews.
  13. Adam sale his home house in L.A. Why now??

    In the ad for his home they do not give the address but they give the plot number so it is likely that someone could look up the address in the real estate website for the city he lives in. It also gives directions as to how to get close to his home from Sunset Blvd. If he lives close to Sunset Blvd, there may be people who drive up his street to look at the homes. Perhaps there is not enough privacy. The ad didn't show the glass brick staircase that I have seen in other pictures. I think that part of his house is right at the street. Including that photo would make the house more recognizable from the street. Adam has likely been making most of his money the last few years from touring with Queen. That could stop at any time based on the health of Brian and Roger. If something happened to one of them (God forbid), I don't think the other would tour alone with Adam. Music is not making a lot of money for artists these days. Adam's last tour was in small theaters, so he is not buying a bigger house based on that tour. As Adam gets older, his appeal to younger fans will diminish. Fans under 12 years old won't remember Adam from Idol. He doesn't put out new music sooner than 3 years between albums so he rarely works during the off-times. I don't know if he gets paid for interviews at radio stations to promote his album, so the months after he puts out new music doesn't bring in a lot of money. His albums do well in the first week but they rapidly fall down the charts so album sales aren't bringing in a lot of money. I can't see him buying a much bigger house than he already has unless he is making a one time shot for a bigger home from the Queen tour money. He supposedly paid cash for the home he has now. I think he will pay cash for the home he will buy as well. Some people like to flip houses. You can turn a profit and put that into a new house. When a celebrity owns a house, it is likely to sell for more money so he could use the profit towards a more exclusive residence and flip it in a few years again.
  14. carter_, if I were to stream one of Adam's songs 25 times in a row, that is not going to count as 25 streams. Do you know how streams by the same person are counted over a period of time? if I stream at random times during the day, will all of those streams count, or only one? I think I read on this site not to stream continuously one song by an artist because it could work against the artist. Does anyone know how streams are counted?
  15. Pharaoh could have an ear infection since he is scratching his ears. If he is doing it a lot, that may be why. So cute, though! Adam is all in with his dog. That is the only way to be. I told myself that the only thing that was missing with Adam was a dog. Now, it's all there!