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  1. What song are you listening to?

    @Alberta, @2015 & @Saffron, Thank you for sharing! Great song choices! @Alberta, loved the songs. Are they all Finish artists? You must probably not know, but today is a very important & emblematic day for Brazil. We are coming across very tuff times in politics and economics and, today, the population went to the streets in green and yellow to protest against this corrupt and incompetent President Dilma's government, a heir to the also very corrupt and incompetent former President Lula. We have many issues and problems to tackle, but one undeniable thing about Brazilians is our hope, our joy of living and our peaceful and generous nature that, from time to time, promotes phenomena like that. So, I would like to share some Brazilian music here in homage to my beautiful country, though I can also say that the USA is my second fave country in the world, very similar to Brazil in many more aspects that you can think of. Here I am posting a couple of diverse videos, with very Brazilian unique rhythm and music. Hope you enjoy. This is Skank, one of the greatest and biggest Brazilian bands. It is an amazing band and this is an epic song that plays a lot here. In this video you will see I am always saying that I will never be able to shot or tape any Adam's show. lol I mean, we can't stop dancing and jumping, so I am very thankful to the people who do it for the other fans. This was in Rock In Rio 2011 edition and I was there! This is Ivete Sangalo, really big in Brazil singer. Adam was told that when he was here and he said something like that in an interview, "Oh, so she would be like a Madonna for you, right?" haha Cute. She is singing with a Brazilian singer called "Buchecha", and this was in 2010, at the Maracanã stadium in Rio. It was a fun moment with some old Carioca Funk style music. This is Daniela Mercury and with Ivete, they are the biggest Carnival singers from Salvador, Bahia of All Saints. This is a clip of 2011, but it is a good one to show this fun song, with African-Portuguese influence, as is in all Brazil. It is a sort of cultural and social manifestation and it shows how is Carnival in Salvador. Crazy. lol This song "Maimbê Dandá" as the name says, is full of African expressions. Bahia is a part of Africa in Brazil, a very unique state here. During the Carnival, there are these huge cars in where they sing and the blocks follow. And there are also the open days for everybody be together like this one. they have a show circuit which cross the Salvador city. Many foreign tourists go to party there too. This is Preta Gil, daughter of Gilberto Gil, one of our most famous singers. She has a Carnival block in Rio and it is a very good one. Here you can taste a bit of how is our "Carioca" Carnival, very different of those in Bahia. This is another pre-Carnival shows that happen in the city. This is Beth Carvalho, another huge Brazilian and carioca Samba singer here for decades. This is a very famous song and here you can see Mangueira School of Samba in the private ball. Before Carnival starts, there are many of those happening in Rio. This is Bebel Gilberto, who is the daughter of João Gilberto, a very famous international singer of "Bossa Nova", along with Tom Jobim. She lives in NYC for more than 20 years. This is "So Nice - Summer Samba", a very beautiful and intimate song. This in an old video, but it was recorded in Ipanema beach, so you can see beautiful shots of this world widely famous beach in Rio.
  2. TOH Tour USA: Huntington NY 2-23-2016

    @Koula Hi, Karen. Yes, I was imagining it. I hope he will feel like singing it again because it turned out to be an amazing song sang as a ballad. It was a very intimate and sexy moment in the show. xx @Amberbert Hi, girl, I hope he will bring back TIDS... ahhhh LOVED IT! xx
  3. Adam & American Idol, season 15

    @Roxanne Taking from your sentence, I would add "Will he not be crowned as the Idol of all Idols?! Seriously... I mean, ok, we have talents like Kelly and Carrie, but in proportion to what he can sing and who he is as a performer, not to mention the outstanding beauty and many other show business skills he has, there is no one, not even a single person can even match him. This is so evident, so there to see it. I feel for him not winning Idol. He is so much bigger than it, but I can almost feel his surprise and painful feeling at that time. I am sure he totally overcame it internally, BUT, it will be AMAZING to see him back to Idol singing as the truly king of all editions he is.
  4. TOH Tour USA: Huntington NY 2-23-2016

    @ADAMITES2015 & @Cusegirl I made yours my words too... TIDS is freaking amazing and so sexy in this ballad version. I already loved it in the TOH album, but as he sang it at the Paramount show...OMG. I had a knot in my throat and tears in my eyes. His voice was so smooth and intimate that I felt he was singing it to me in a low voice, just the two of us in the room. Beautiful performance and I hope he will bring it back to the show. As far as I know, he only sang it at the Paramount, here below is the video. Does anyone else know if he sang it again after it? I lost a couples of the latest shows. xx
  5. My poems/lyrics - ;)

    @MSraven0905 Hahaha But YOU are my talented friend! Thank you so much for your sweet words and I am really happy that you liked it! "Sky Vibe" is Adam all the way... I just got your message and I am THRILLED! WOW! Will be dreaming that this will happen to me too!
  6. My poems/lyrics - ;)

    @Proud Glambert Thank you for your so very kind words. It means the world to me to have you guys here in the thread enjoying them, specially when I am able to make you feel the same emotions I felt while writing it I will keep posting.
  7. Mar 13 Universal Studios Florida Orlando, FL

    @Foxey Have you seen Adam's tweet about the VIP package to the Universal Studios show??! I immediately thought of you! Here it is: https://www.crowdsurge.com/adamlambert/?event=55873 I think this show will be a blast! Have fun in it! I won't make to it... I'm very saddened, but I believe I will have one day a chance to go to his show and meet him since I believe the Universe has always special things storaged to us all.
  8. TOH Tour, Bethlehem, PA 2/28/16

    Just found the post, Jen!!! Amazing, thanks for sharing it with us!!! Ahhh what a blast!!! I can imagine him being everything you said and there is no way of not being star truck in his presence, I am sure! Lovely pic and great videos! I am always happy for each one of you guys who have these 'close encounters of the third kind"!!! I so LONG now for having this chance too! I am sure it will come someday! xx
  9. TOH Tour, Boston MA 2-24-2016

    Ahhhhhhhhhh Marl!!! After hours is one of my fave too... soooooo sexy! I love the lounge vibe... and him singing makes it even more sexy. And sophisticated. XX
  10. Adam's Tweets

    @Koula & @Foxey, Karen, I totally agree with what you said. I was shocked with many fans/Glamberts nasty and mean comments to Sam Smith and, worse, tagging Adam. SS is not a fave singer to me, but he is really good and I totally LOVE this Spectre movie song. I've been a huge Ian Fleming's books fan, read all them + saw all movies, and I cannot believe people don't think it is a Bond song or relate to it. Really?! I like to think that Adam erased the first two tweets to protect SS from viewing such impolite and nasty comments. Then, I was happy to see that he posted again another tweet to SS. And SS has been REALLY elegant in replying to nasty comments to him... touché! Worse than that... people seem to have two weight, two measures, specially related to other issues. Agains, it bothers me to see fans like that.
  11. Adam & American Idol, season 15

    I so agree with you both, @Saffron & @3ku1, TOH is such a blast and emblematic song for me. It would be amazing to see him performing it on Idol. Adam is still winning new fans like me over. Love at first sing/sight.
  12. @Marl OMG, darling... thanks for sharing the pics. They are STUNNING!!! Sorry, ran out of likes! BUT LOVE them all!
  13. Hahaha It must have been SO funny! Is there already a video with it??! LOL So, agree... and, besides, how can you go to this show and not dance and jump all the time??! And THIS is what makes me deeply thankful to people who are patient enough to film the show and make the clips! WOW, thanks to these guys we are able to see the shows!
  14. Adam's Instagram

    Wow, @Carter... Thanks for posting this and clarifying it! Wow, you just brought me a huge relief regarding the fur discussion! Yesterday, I was involved in a discussion with a crazy fan who attacked me because of my point of view. I am a huge animal lover and engaged to many animal welfare causes (at least by promoting them in my media channels) and I was initially disturbed with that. I will just make a comment here and will no further this discussion, but I feel like posting it here. When Adam posted this on Instagram, I left two very positive comments towards him because I couldn't believe they were for real. I instantaneously thought it was faux. First, I said that in my trip to Peru, I was in a Alpaca fur boutique and I spoke to the owner. He showed me in pics and videos the process and how the alpacas and lhamas were not hurt because they needed to be sheared during Summer, even for their own health. So, I was happy about that and even bought, not for me, an alpaca shawl to give as a gift. My second comment was that Adam is so amazing that he would know what is right and they should be faux. I thought it could be the case. Anyways... In another forum I entered in a discussion because people were talking about shearling and how disappointed they were with him posting something like that. I agreed and said it was a rude and shallow post (yep, since he came with "don't give me this shit", but we are all entitled of saying things like that). Everybody was talking like that, but I was target and kinda attacked by someone saying I was "judging" and crap like that. For me, it is always a debate and I like interacting with people in this way and exchanging ideas and sharing different points of view. And Adam, so far I know, is totally in favor of that, being himself very much like that, one of the things that makes me love him as a person even more. The fact is that I was saddened by it while believing it was real fur and that he didn't give a f*** about what people were thinking. AND, I have to add, he is totally right about that because I am like that, but I really thought it was a rude comment and, besides, he was crossing one of the single boundaries I mostly respect, animals' welfare and life. Though, again, I had to agree with his critics about people judging, pointing fingers and eating meat. Yes, he made a good argument and I am totally with him in that. Later I was told there was a snapchat in Asia with them and alive food being cooked and I was shocked and saddened by it. My choice to feel that and it really disturbed me, but I won't judge because I myself am not a vegetarian (eat seafood, not live!), though I am a conscious consumer and only use (or try to whenever I can) and buy faux fur, ecological leather and cruelty-free products. So, I believe in dialogue and healthy debates and I am not scared of debating. I think that this is what broadens our views and make us grow. Him being a public figure makes him and what he does subject to scrutiny (and he knows it), but I also agree there is a thin line between criticizing/judging him and also discussing what is on stake and what he offers to be on the table for discussion. And he does it often as I've seen, which I think is amazing. He is a deep thinker, one of other aspects I absolutely love about him. And I am always going for the second one. I think we are all entitled of giving and sharing our opinions, but always in a respectful way. What scares me is blind fan obsession and star blind worship, like I've seen. This really scares me and Adam, for what I have seen from him, do not encourage that, rather the contrary. Many amazing things happened to me in 2015 and the most joyful was getting to know Adam. He has brought so much joy, passion, fun and beauty to my life in the past months that I am constantly filled with it, by seeing him singing or speaking or smiling. I fell very much embraced in this Adam magical spirit and I am really happy to be in this forum talking about that. It constantly dazzles me how Adam created this spirit and a true community among so many different people, from different backgrounds, cultures and countries. I believe in this spirit and I am bringing it more to my life. PS: what was the joke then about "lambchomps"?
  15. OMG... sooooo sexy... And I love him wearing chains like that...