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  1. Hello From Illinois

    Hi, Megan! I just recently joined the forum myself and I love reading the posts. I'm a new Glambert, but I'm totally obsessed with Adam! As he sings, "Once I'm in, I own your heart"! Enjoy the forum! Oh, if you're on Twitter, I'm @AdamsGlamCougar. Would love new followers!
  2. Hey, Glamberts!

    . @SheerNirvana, can you link to the vid? TYSM! I am SO glad I got into that koolaid and drank some! He's right, it is soooo good! LOL
  3. Hey, Glamberts!

    IKR?! He is almost ridiculously sexy. Those blue eyes, for one. I just want to drown in them. And his facial hair -- SO sexy. And the tats... let's not forget those. (I love tattoos, even though I don't have any myself.)And muscles EVERYWHERE. *moan* Gawd... I think my roommates are either blind or "Cuckoo"!
  4. Yay!

    I'm just hoping that someday he can fill huge stadiums with fans instead of places like House of Blues and the small theaters he's been playing. He and his team seem to be working their asses off to get him there. I saw his CMA performance with Leona Lewis (she's awesome too, BTW), and now know that he can do anything musically. He writes and sings beautiful love songs ("Time for Miracles" and "Never Close Our Eyes" on Trespassing ), rock, club/dance songs, jingles, country... He has millions of fans all over the world, yet he's not the huge star we all know he can and should be. It's frustrating, although it doesn't seem to bother him... or possibly it does a little. He appears to be happy doing what he's doing for the fans he's doing it for. :-)
  5. Yay!

    Part of me just wishes we could give "the universe" a gentle nudge... or a swift kick in the ass, lol. I agree it may take a little while for him to become all that he's meant to and deserves to be, but we can be grateful for all that he is. Thanks, Marl, @albertabroad, and @Proud Glambert for your replies! X
  6. New member

    LOL, that's great. And it's also great that you'll get to see him next month! I'm hoping he'll add more dates (like one in Dallas!) when he gets back from Europe. I so want to see him!
  7. New member

    I've always known of him, but for some reason never really gave him a chance until just last year. Now I wonder what took me so long! lol Adam's perfect, and once you become a Glambert, you'll definitely be one for life! :-)
  8. New member

    Hi, Kristen! I'm new here myself. I've been a Glambert for about 8-9 months. :-) There are a lot of really nice folks here; I think we'll both like it. :-D (I need to learn stuff like how to do links from my phone, smileys, and that sort of thing. lol) Glad to meet another member of the Glamily!
  9. Yay!

    Thanks, @sweetygirly! What can we do to help? I mean, we request the songs on the radio, we watch everything he's on... I have no idea what more can be done. After listening to all three albums multiple times over the past few days (and months for TOH), I agree that Adam deserves to be a superstar. I have my personal favorites from the albums, as I'm sure all Glamberts do, but really, there's not one bad song in the bunch. WHY doesn't he receive more notice? I hope it's not homophobia -- there are other gay artists -- or his age -- he's not 20 something like (gag) Justin Beiber or Demi Lovato or someone. I don't understand it anymore than the rest of you. I just know he deserves more, better than what he's getting.
  10. TOH Tour, Bethlehem, PA 2/28/16

    @-Jen_Adam-, I'd go see him read the phone book! Although a chat tour would be awesome, too -- like a two hour Q&A? Maybe we should suggest it to him! LOL
  11. Hey, Glamberts!

    Listening to the song "For Your Entertainment" always makes the sir conditioning in my house go out. (Or maybe it's hot flashes.) ;-) (That's my story and I'm sticking to it. lol)
  12. Notify the Staff

    How do you sign up for the fan club? I would love to be able to buy presale tickets/VIP packages/M&G passes. (Does it cost anything to join? What all comes with the membership?) ~ Glenna
  13. Yay!

    I have no idea why I never gave Adam a chance until last year. A bit of snobbishness, I suppose -- I figured he was just another pop/rock star. Boy was I wrong! I'm a classic rock fan, so Queen is right up my alley, but like others I was a bit suspicious of the new guy. I didn't even bother listening to them until the iHeart Music Festival was broadcast on PBS. Then I was real interested, lol. But I still never listened to his solo stuff until he released "Ghost Town". I bought TOH at the beginning of July last year and I've never regretted it. I don't think I'm exaggerating to say that he could be the new King of Pop (not to take away from Michael Jackson, whom I know Adam loves). ~ Glenna
  14. Yay!

    I finally got to buy Trespassing and FYE from Google Play Music this morning. Been listening to all his albums on shuffle and I love them! Why he doesn't get more recognition is beyond me... (He did get a Grammy non... once that I know of.) He's perfect! :-)
  15. TOH Tour, Bethlehem, PA 2/28/16

    I'm assuming we can talk about the concerts here? I've seen a lot of concert threads in this forum... I saw the show via Periscope last night. OMG, it was amazing ! I now know what to expect if he comes to Dallas! I'm getting really excited at the prospect of seeing him live. I hope I can get a hug from him, and maybe a pic and an autograph...