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  1. Dear sweetygirly, I would like to thank you for the link. Amy is a respectable woman. I think I already got something in common with Amy, she's almost as tall as me and we both not walk. I think for starters it is good. I'm sorry to cause you to feel that I take a negative attitude and I'm not as positive as I should be. Believe me, my anger and grief I can vent, but I do not feel anything like that, rather I would call it differently. And I'm pretty tired of it. I earned a plastic cup for my expressions of anger, of very soft plastic, but now I have a normal, ordinary, beautiful ceramic mug. Because when I tried three times to throw on the caregiver and then those shards and mess..., they took it to me. But now I am already good and nice and for my shameful behavior was still sorry. But probably only for a certain decency, because there are too many smart people who just massaging their ego, they do not listen to, they are not tolerant, and who know what should be good or best for me and what the true feelings I would have felt. The link from you, I really appreciate, the good to know about it. But I have no such high targets, my wish is not to do incredible things, which can not otherwise even healthy people. I only wish cope live a normal life. I do not want anything more. My efforts and beliefs are directed to that. And to a big or major decisions it is too short a time. From that day passed just cca six weeks. And for all I know, maybe actually become a miracle. I remembered the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. I watched the marathon, it was very interesting and beautiful. I love sports commentary. At one a runner was shot and commentator began to talk about his health problems, which he had about a year before the Olympics. He said - and now we are looking at runner who had serious health problems with his back, he had a slipped disc and no one gave much hope that the operation will bring the desired fruit. Doctors prophesied that person concerned will probably never walk again. And then a commentator said - Yes! As we can see, he does not go, he just runs! So nobody knows what can happen and how things eventually clears...
  2. And this is what I really like. It's like my dream. I will can not wait to allow me something to eat, how I look forward to! What I would give for a piece of bread, one single bite. Or yogurt, at least one teaspoon, so teeny. That's exactly how I'll use it, and regardless of social etiquette while dining. Certainly I will not so cute. Thank you, dear Carter
  3. Hula hoop! What a surprise it still exists here! Hmmm.............. Oh God. This is wonderful. My opinion you know, but who have not noticed, at the time 1:25, the one otter kissing the hand of the other. This is a very adorable and a touching. Thanks so much for it once again.
  4. What song are you listening to?

    Dear Saffron, I really very enjoyed all your beautiful songs as always and seriously I love Slow Slow Tune and "Do not Stop Me Now" Instrumental cover by the Buckingham Palace Band. Thanks so much. And without that song, this musical gem, I can not imagine my adolescence, if not for this, I would certainly have greatly impoverished, both in body and in spirit...
  5. But I, dear Carter, wanted to say hello and to wish you good morning. I gathered all my cooking skills, and made breakfast for you. So if I may, here is... Just I do not know what you like, so you can select it and then we can vote together for our Adam. When Adam wakes up right now, so he also can join the breakfast party. if he wants to. I promise it will be fun, and breakfast will taste deliciously.
  6. Yes, oh my goodness, I know how you feel. But I can say that I am really upset when me repeatedly inquired if "am I a robot" in all the most, where in each of them least three times a already I have checked all the shop windows, and then they want to, road signs or where everywhere I see a grass. Yeah, or boats and seas and the mountains, and blah blah blah... and in the end they tell me that a 24-hour quota is has not yet expired
  7. Dearest Proud Glambert, I want to thank you for your words of encouragement and sharing your experiences of your loved ones. You have really blessed heart. Your words are always like a caress on the soul. I appreciate it very much.
  8. Dear sweetygirly, on the day I could not sleep, I was thinking a lot and a few things I leveled in my head. Almost in all agree with you. You have my great respect for your attitude. You have to be a very strong personality. Live with chronic pain for 23 years and yet still be in such a good mood and open to new things, to share your misery and encourage others. Rightly you deserve my deepest bow. I don't know to whom the boy should turn to. And how do I know that I'm the right person who should address him? But someone decided this. I was asked by a doctor. And at that time, I directed and centered my thoughts on just one a single thing that you mentioned how some people have decided to end their suffering. But then, when I met Dan, I don't know, just everything was suddenly completely different and I repudiated this possibility, it's too easy, and it's always for grabs. Please tell me, sweetygirly, what makes you think that I can't understand the importance of friendship and companionship for the little boy? Importance of the meaning, I'm aware, even too much. From his very affirmative change I'm really very happy, he literally blooms. But I'm unhappy and sad, because he is dear to me, to be in his company is very precious to me, he has a magical personality, I can forget where I'm and why, I'm living just by moment. And one day, just comes a time when he will go away. Tell me, what is this precious result of the accident? He'll take some time in a specialized rehabilitation center, and is likely to eventually end up in children's home, or what I really wish for him is that he will be lucky to get a new loving family. And I'll be sad, distressed and alone again. But everything has a solution and everything happens for a reason. I don't want to waste time searching for why? in my case. I had already decided to go another way. A long time ago, even before the accident, I was grateful for what I have and even now. Always everything can be much worse. It's just up to us how we will organize it in the head, what is essential for us. And with what lightness of being, we'll get through life and overcome its obstacles. You're right, with anyone wouldn't change anything. Known is better than unknown. But for someone unknown can be a challenge. And on the other hand, is harder to terms with the loss known. Awaiting me a lot of changes, but I can handle them. Are others people who mastered it, with much worse problems and injuries. I know people who despite their disabilities can things that even able-bodied healthy person can't cope. They have a zest for life and incredible access to everything what they do, such enthusiasm, warm heart, bright mind and you never hear them complain. I wish I could be at least in a fraction of such as they are. I love my life, even now, still the same, I believe that things will improve and it will be well again. I've lived a lot, maybe too much, I've seen a lot, traveled a lot, I have enough experiences, but about another I'll be glad enriched. I mean, I still I have from what take. I don't regret anything, there are things that I would change, did differently, but I didn't learn from those mistakes how to do it correctly. I wish a better world to live, but I can't change people, the only thing I can do is try to change myself, and how I will behave and act, in some way may encourage others to change. But the main thing what I need is time, I don't know how many, just as much as necessary. And if I will try hard and pamper what I have, and I will be patient, so maybe one beautiful day somebody will hear my call from miles away and I'll be back the happiest man under the sun.
  9. Would you like to know something? So come closer and maybe you'll see what a nice happened. One moment please... So here it is... MFH Chart (19. 9. 2016) ACTUAL ORDER 1 / Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn feat. Adam Lambert - Can't Go Home 2 / OneRepublic - Kids 3 / Twenty One Pilots - Heathens 4 / Ellie Goulding - Still Falling For You 5 / Britney Spears feat. G-Eazy - Make Me /PROCESS/ 6 / Alexandra Stan - Boom Pow 7 / Elle King - Good Girls /PROCESS/ 8 / Snakehips feat. Zayn - Cruel 9 / Curated by AlunaGeorge feat. Leikeli47, Dreezy - Mean What I Mean 10 / Melanie Martinez - Tag, You're It
  10. Howdy! So little fresh news. The poll in http://mfh-music.cz/ was stopped, I guess at 12:00 p.m. We really could not find out more. Until we find out the result of the countdown, we let you know that Adam is, of course, first again. And I voted everywhere.
  11. What song are you listening to?

    Okay, folks. Today I found one sweet secret of my personal caregiver. Between us, he's a bit like a Igor Hnízdo, who hasn't seen the czech film Obecná škola, so can't understand why I call him that way. He is a bit of a torturer, a bully, disparage my feelings and gives hard times my aching body, I receive bonuses for my sins. Today I earned three extra special - for non-cooperation, disapproving attitude and desire to give up. I was bad and I sent him to certain places... He told me just by the way that he loves Queen, Freddie Mercury, QAL and our Adam. I was really happy, another member of our group! And as for my "brilliant" approach in my glorious situation in rehabilitations plays nicely, just stylish, mocks me, it reportedly has motivated me to change. Of course, the better, so judge for yourself...
  12. What song are you listening to?

    Thank you, Albi. Beautiful and moving
  13. What song are you listening to?

    We wholeheartedly thank you for a beautiful song, love Saffron. ...and this one's for you
  14. Dear Carter, this is for you from Dan. I can not describe the joy of your contribution, so here I show you for an idea how excited he was and how much thank you. https://psv4.vk.me/c415820/u175457159/docs/770f639b16c3/tumblr_o4cyuqEJfu1vnwoxoo1_250.gif?extra=5grQERhsQsESuMP6T3Tf2mbTfSRhQgLaWUtHuNacP0xL1YRkh3f9J4WiWbHCTmP5fiV8uOWfda43xNX7JRqpM1ElkLtpRMocoraSaDzW
  15. Good morning beloved @Carter, @1adamlambertfan and all of you as well, we searched when the poll will be closed due to countdown, but we found only this: For your favorite clips, you can vote all week, from Monday's 20.00. So the interim stopping poll will probably be a surprise or poll will be stopped from midnight tonight. But another we will investigate exactly as it is.