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  1. Adam Withdrawal Support Group

    Haha! Aaa, yes, the withdrawals - very well known symptom. Maybe we could share Adam related Christmas present ideas here? That's at least something to look forward to... REPLY I think that's a great distraction...what to buy Adam for Xmas................TRICKY...I'm going to have to really think about that one, he has a lot of material things so I want to pick something soulful and personal....I'm sure he has all of the pictures of ME that I sent him decorating his house, and the crochet turtle neck with the crown on it that I whipped up....oh and there's the jewel encrusted crocs I fashioned (extra bedazzled)...I'll give it some thought and check back in....
  2. Adam Withdrawal Support Group

    I've heard it a lot lately. I'm suffering Adam withdrawal. Yup, it's that time when concerts are over, TV show has aired, the XFactor is winding down and.....what to do? Many of us use Twitter and Facebook to share snippets of Adam related info, articles, polls etc. But is it enough to carry us through the long upcoming winter? What do we do with that energy or lack of, as a result of the lull? I think a support group is in order...this melancholy needs a place, a place where it can be tended, supported shared, vented. So I'll start.... I NEED A FREAKIN CONCERT!! SOON ! I WANT TO SEE MY ADAM ON THE BIG SCREEN, ON MAGAZINE COVERS, PLAYING ON THE RADIO (all the time 24/7) I WANT IT ALLLLLLLLLLL AND I WANT IT NOWWWWW Ok now that I got that off my chest I feel a little better...a wee bit....a very tiny bit...actually NO not at all damn it. So, I call upon other Glamberts suffering the doldrums, let's share ways to make it through the weary winter, vent that frustration and join AWSG the not for profit support group where every Glambert is welcome. All information will be kept confidential. (Unless you have a really funny story whereby we will post it on every Twitter and Facebook account possible.) Look forward to hearing from you.
  3. Lack of fans logging in!

    Today is the first day I've been able to log in for quite a while, not sure what the problem was but I sent msgs to support to no avail, today I was able to simply reset my password and voila.....I'm back...
  4. Fan testimonial You dont want to miss!

    Jan was reluctant and nervous about doing the video. Thankfully he did because we can experience his special moment through his own words, heartfelt and endearing. Hopefully Adam will see this and hear through his own words how Adam has impacted Jans life. Like so many of us who have difficulty explaining this "emotion" that we share, the special place in our hearts, and the impact on our lives, this video speaks of us all...all who hope to someday have a special moment like Jans. Thank you Jan for being brave enough to do what many of us have only thought about. Telling Adam our story. how it feels to be a Glambert, ever in awe of a man who inspires, uplifts, entertains and brings out the best in us.
  5. More than just pretty eyes..

    Hi JustMax, thank you for your interest. A direct link can be found at #RA4Orlando....just do an internet search and it will come up from the randomacts.org website...There are a lot of resources giving the names of victims that you can choose from on line. Personally I just asked my higher power to choose a person...I will find out why as I do my research. To be completely honest I have felt drained and want to pursue this project invigorated so I haven't started yet. It takes a while to adjust to our reality every time something like this happens. I am happy to see that this incident has brought so many people together, showing support, unity and love to LGBT like never before. Let me know if you need more help...will do my best!
  6. More than just pretty eyes..

    In light of the horrendous events I'd like to share some opportunities to become involved in the healing process for the friends, families and all of us....A lovely idea can be found at randomacts.org whereby you can choose the name of a victim, and do something in his (her) honor. It is suggested that conversation with others about your participation in this would be helpful in bridging the gap and spreading awareness. I have chosen Joel Rayon Paniagua age 32. I will update you with information on my tribute. Also there is an opportunity to send a personal message to Orlando, the families and the victims which will be posted on a wall of condolence at hrc@hrc.org. All we can do is pray that some good will come from the atrocities this weekend including the death of Christina Grimmie who posted a very nice comment about Adam only 2 wks ago ....Adam Lambert's Best Live Vocals Pop Crush. We Are Orlando PopCrush
  7. Holy crap what's next?

    In the grand scheme of things, I realize this issue is not important enough to expend my energy on being "livid". What I should be livid about is what we do to one another on a regular basis, justifying our opinions and actions at the expense of others. In sadness due to the recent violent events, I humble myself and ask for that unspoken reminder to pick my battles, to champion the underdog and remember that "principal" isn't always the bottom line.
  8. Holy crap what's next?

    Thanks all for your comments. You probably have the right idea but I can't say my opinion has changed. Let's hope a future opportunity allows Adam a win for an award!
  9. Holy crap what's next?

    I was compelled to send the following email to CMT: to Cindy This email should come as no surprise. The next time you nominate someone (people) for an award please have the courtesy to allow all fans to vote. It is insulting to the nominee (s) and the fans to portray a conclusion that was less than accurate. I'm not a poor looser because I don't know the results to be factual. This communication is mine alone and does not reflect the opinion of the nominee (s). Disgruntled Glambert, Laurie Waller
  10. Holy crap what's next?

    I am filled with disgust that our Adam didn't win the CMT award. If it was fair and square that would be one thing but the fact that fans overseas couldn't vote is unconscionable! We'll never know what the results would have been had everyone been able to vote. Anyway I say congratulations Adam!! The fact that you were recognized is an achievement. You are and always will be the winner in our book!!!!! Our admiration is endless, our support unwavering we are in AWE of you !!!!!!
  11. Holy crap what's next?

    Well this is it, today's the day! Will voting restrictions allow for Adam and Leona to take the win? We can only hope for a positive outcome given the unfair restrictions. Please post your thoughts tomorrow on whatever the outcome may be.................fingers crossed....
  12. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    Just wanted to thank the folks who work this site. RCA employees, moderators, newbies whatever. It takes time and dedication and this is the "go to" for we obsessedberts. Thanks again!
  13. How are audiences reacting to Adam at the QAL concerts?

    Unfortunately I cannot comment on this subject. I've not had the pleasure of a QAL show but keeping my fingers crossed for the future. I know many in the US who feel the same. What I did notice at the TOH concert is that there were a mixed bag of people, young old, enthusiastic, sedate. My section must have been on sedatives because they sat there, actually sat......well after tossing around the "should I or shouldn't I" be rude concept I said screw it, I'm having a good time and If I block these people they'll just have to stand up, so I stood nearly the whole time screaming dancing and carrying on like a fool but didn't care. Hope to contribute some QAL experiences in future. And when Adam comes back alone it's VIP time!
  14. To show his versatility and power I would introduce a newcomer to the Rockin Big Ben BBC special "Show Must Go On"....which would smack them in the face like it did mine. All of his other brilliant work would make sense once realized that this man has pipes like no other but chooses to not hit hard with every song although capable. I would also encourage that person to lay on my bed look up at the ceiling and feast their eyes on his physical wonder........(just joking, haven't gotten my winq magazine yet to paste them)......but I will !!