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  1. Love him! He always says what is right.
  2. We have a Klan march planned here this week. I start school on Monday - that's where I've been, preparing for all of that - and the University sent out an email warning people that violence will not be tolerated, that we are a pluralistic campus. that white nationalists, nazis, kkk (all mentioned BY NAME) are not welcome. Wonder if they will still try to hold the rally. Their permit was rejected. There can be no equivalency between fascist nazis and their hate vs. people protesting hate. And Trump needs to say so. He won't of course, considering who is in the west wing. Even G.W. Bush and Poppy Busy, who largely stay out of this stuff as they are retired from politics now, had to put out a statement rebuking Trump. This is getting very dangerous.
  3. A little exercise in Trump supporter hypocrisy. "Obama" (obviously one of his many impersonators) saying some of the lunatic things Trump has said, that Trump supporters think are just A-OKAY.
  4. This is beautiful. and heartbreaking. So scared right now, but still fighting. I start my Poli Sci program on the 21st. Will be done in less than two years. Hopefully, I can do some good. Unless Pence decides he wants Trump to round us all up before then. It could definitely happen.
  5. There's nothing to defend. I think the rank and file GOP Congressmen - meaning those not in leadership and who didn't have their suspicions about this last year because they didn't know anything - will run away as more and more stuff leaks out. At some point, they become complicit. This is especially true for those who are lawyers. They stand to be disbarred.
  6. Yeah, Shep Smith went all in on them the other day. It was beautiful. They'll likely fire him, though. Also, they lie routinely, and that is really catching up with them. Even one of our SC Senators, Trey Gowdy, went off on them.
  7. You guys have more sense than us haha. We see someone like Farage and are like - if someone like Trump can win a major party nomination, all while careening from outrage to outrage and decimating 16 actual qualified politicians, and then go on to beat the most qualified person to ever seek the office...well, after that, the walls have crumbled and anything could happen. Whatever social controls that have been in place for the last 240 years that would normally make someone like Trump unacceptable to the public have fallen, and I have a few theories as to why, but it really doesn't matter at this point. It happened. That's what is relevant. I wish we still had the luxury of seeing buffoons as a joke, but when we have one destroying the nation hour by hour, that's no longer something we can do. I think that was the fatal mistake that gave us this man, honestly...we had major papers covering him in the entertainment section at first, comedians telling jokes, people telling the GOP they'll be a laughingstock for a generation if they allow this to happen. Yet, here we are.
  8. Awww, Carter, you know just what to say! Thank you! I didn't do much celebrating....just went to a cookout at my parents' place. Not many people there. Not in the mood to celebrate.
  9. Good point, Karen. I thought he was rather buffoonish and very unlikely to be elected to high office anywhere as well.
  10. I can attest to this re: good people having to play in the dirt. I worked on Archie Parnell's campaign to take at least one seat in a deep red district that was vacated by a Trump cabinet member - Mick Mulvaney of the Budget Office. My SC district is deep, deep red and heavily gerrymandered. We also have heavy voter suppression laws. To vote, I have to show my birth certificate, driver's license, and social security card. IDK if that is even legal, but I do it so I can vote. We came within striking distance, which is rare here. But did I use tactics that were not something I'm exactly proud of? Yes, I did. And it got us closer than anyone imagined we'd get. We like to try to be the party of decency, to follow Michelle Obama's "when they go low, we go high" model. That no longer works. Trump has lowered and coarsened our discourse and political tactics to the point where if you want to try to win, you must play his dirty game. I'm not proud of it, but I assure you, I'm gearing up to do it again for 2018 and 2020. BTW, that's where I've been lol, working campaigns for Parnell, and canvassing down in Georgia when I could get there for Ossoff. If ever there was an argument for there being a Congressional restraint on a president, Trump is it.
  11. Thanks carter! Hadn't seen this! I loved that speech. He told it like it is. This place is scary right now. And the Muslim ban is back.
  12. Not a chance! He's like a British Trump. But yes, the FBI is interested in his involvement in that campaign. It is highly unusual for that many international figures to be involved in an American presidential campaign.
  13. I am in love with this! Also, Indivisible Groups are everywhere, pointing out Trump's refusal to acknowledge Pride Month, and his scrubbing of the White House website of any mention of LGBTQ people. March, Adam! #RESIST
  14. So glad Pharoh gets to stay with Adam's Dad! I have to board my cat and my sister has to board her dog when we go away. They hate it.
  15. Thanks, Foxey! He's so cute. And not too big. My cat and my sister's dog went out in the woods behind my sister's new house and they were playing together with a baby deer lol. They love each other. So I don't think a dog will be an issue. Plus, my cat is self sufficient. I'd love my own little Pharoh! I love how Adam spoils Pharoh! And the little pup seems so devoted!