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  1. Adam's Birthday - Monday, January 29/18

    Just popping in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! I am so sorry I haven't been here, friends, so busy at school, taking an overload number of hours so I can graduate, but I won't miss our man's birthday for the world!!!
  2. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    LOL! It's funny, because of Souls to the Polls, and we have special elections coming up, I spend more time in church right now than most Christians @foxeylady/ Hilarious, but true. I pack my SUV with church ladies, and drive the same people who don't want me to take communion to get their voting IDs and to vote early. Strange, isn't it? It's okay, I Want votes, not souls. You should see their faces when I tell them I am a member of the Satanic Temple lol. (no, don't worry, no devil worshipping, we're just theatrical, trollish, religious freedom minded atheists). But they ride with me anyway. HAve fun at church, and may we all beat the Trump machine in 2018!!
  3. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    @foxeyladyre: principles - I WILL NOT stoop to their level. I will not wallow in hate and rage and violence. That solves nothing. Leave that to the white supremacists.
  4. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    AWww, thanks, @foxeylady! I'm okay. I am in school, and I am actually up reading a novel for an African American Studies test on Mon. I LOVE This professor - he's so awesomely radical! If I wasn't a true progressive before him, I am now! I'm okay. I spend most of my time on campus anyway. So, I have a "bubble" if you will.
  5. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    Awww, thanks! We've been battered pretty badly at some of these protests, but we march on. My buddies and I have a pact, though - don't get arrested, do not engage in violence. So, we're respecting decency while standing up. We will not allow all of this to devolve into the barbarism we saw in Charlottesville.
  6. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    @foxeylady I promise you it is a movement. Even in SC, my college campus, and especially my department (Political Science) are totally progressive. We reject this and we protest, all the time.
  7. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    @foxeylady These people are just emboldened by Trump. The white supremacists ARE the federal government now. This is not new- it's just at the highest levels of government for the first time since the civil war. What really broke my heart is that after Charlottesville, my 89 year old grandma, who is in kidney failure and has dementia, said in a rare lucid moment: "I am so sorry. I thought we put this down. I never thought I'd have to tell my grown grandchildren to beware of the Klan. We faced those firehoses and dogs so you wouldn't have to." Really sad stuff.
  8. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    I'm used to it. I was gay bashed here in 2004 with my then-partner in the parking lot of a bar. The assailants spent not one day behind bars. The racism is so ridiculous now that there are no words for it. I haven't taken the Clinton/Kaine sticker off my car. I regularly get accosted by Trump supporters over it. They are emboldened. I've even had n bombs hurled at me.
  9. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    Many have said this. There's a reason he won't go anyplace without Mother Pence at his side. Wonder what that could be? /sarcasm. What concerns me is that Trump really doesn't care about this issue at all. BUT - he has appointed people who are bigots and are enacting their policies. BTW, sorry for my long absence! Being a poli sci major is...interesting...in these times, but I'm taking 18 hours AND working full time. So, Shannon is very, very busy! Love you all!!
  10. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    Love him! He always says what is right.
  11. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    We have a Klan march planned here this week. I start school on Monday - that's where I've been, preparing for all of that - and the University sent out an email warning people that violence will not be tolerated, that we are a pluralistic campus. that white nationalists, nazis, kkk (all mentioned BY NAME) are not welcome. Wonder if they will still try to hold the rally. Their permit was rejected. There can be no equivalency between fascist nazis and their hate vs. people protesting hate. And Trump needs to say so. He won't of course, considering who is in the west wing. Even G.W. Bush and Poppy Busy, who largely stay out of this stuff as they are retired from politics now, had to put out a statement rebuking Trump. This is getting very dangerous.
  12. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    A little exercise in Trump supporter hypocrisy. "Obama" (obviously one of his many impersonators) saying some of the lunatic things Trump has said, that Trump supporters think are just A-OKAY.
  13. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    This is beautiful. and heartbreaking. So scared right now, but still fighting. I start my Poli Sci program on the 21st. Will be done in less than two years. Hopefully, I can do some good. Unless Pence decides he wants Trump to round us all up before then. It could definitely happen.
  14. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    There's nothing to defend. I think the rank and file GOP Congressmen - meaning those not in leadership and who didn't have their suspicions about this last year because they didn't know anything - will run away as more and more stuff leaks out. At some point, they become complicit. This is especially true for those who are lawyers. They stand to be disbarred.
  15. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    Yeah, Shep Smith went all in on them the other day. It was beautiful. They'll likely fire him, though. Also, they lie routinely, and that is really catching up with them. Even one of our SC Senators, Trey Gowdy, went off on them.