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    This just lets the fans know how much we should be streaming him constantly all over Vevo, You Tube, Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora, Rhapsody, etc. and the likes. If we stream him over 100 million+ times on Vevo they would stream him automatically a lot more to the general Vevo viewers and put the spotlight on him and invite him to perform more Vevo concerts with them, which will get more publicity to people who don't quite know much about him or his music yet, cause more people to purchase his music and radios to play it, and of course entertain us more online and on the radio, which I am waiting for. I want more projects done right here in the U.S., where most of his base fans should be, but mostly I am just seeing a lot of stuff nowadays, other than the Queen tours, being done abroad, which is great for his success and credibility (I mean, what other AI alum has garnered as much promotion and success all around the world as he has), but it's long overdue the fans should see him more around here, too. Don't forget your roots, Adam. It's time to come home. I'm glad he's doing a North American Queen tour this Summer. I'd also be happy if got invited to another TV show/drama/comedy/musical like he did on Glee, because that was fun!

    You're very smart, sweetygirly!

    True! True! True! You are sooo right! He needs to put out a rock album and he needs the new interviews to not be about what might have been bad controversy bringing a dividing line between conservative and liberal listening public, but instead about the great scope and talent, and overall voice and success Adam has already generated as an artist and musician. Don't get me wrong, I know Adam is gay, most people that know anything about already know or have already perceived that about him, but I believe that topic is old, and in order to achieve more success, the topics need to keep being about music and whatever else he is doing in the world such as appearances in musicals, TV shows, new ventures and his philanthropy in the world (Oprah loves philanthropy, she may invite him back to the show!). Adam has such an excellent voice, stage and TV presence about him I become mesmerized by what he does and the sound of his voice (good enough for radio airplay) even more so than who he is holding hands with backstage, though his love life is a part of who he is and he shouldn't hide it from the public or it will come out anyway, someday when he would not have much influence on his own community or the world at large (and I'm praying for it, Adam needs a love life) I believe it's all he needs for major success. (Think about celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres. These celebrities became more successful because of what they did and who they were in their heart, and not only because they were homosexual in a heterosexual world. Ellen DeGeneres is famous because she is a funny person and comedian, who is also kind and generous, and one of the most philanthropic and giving people in the celebrity world. Let's be real here, it's universal entertainment! I also know about something he stated in one of his personal one on one interviews I believe he will be extremely successful at and I am excited about because he's already got the talent and looks and style/ persona for it: Fans, guess what! You might already know he dreams of starting his own fashion line!!! I believe if he started his own fashion and cosmetics line, he could become just as popular as Jennifer Lopez and sexier than Ashton Kutcher! And it could be just the extra thing, other than a rock album, to kick his foot in the door and be back in the public's eye again like he used to after American Idol, right here at home in the States where he came from and where he started out. I think he just needs a little extra push, some more opportunities (more album sales, sold out concerts, TV shows in the U.S., hit songs and albums) and he will be on his way as a famous fashionista that we Glamberts all know him as! And he will be back on the radio, TV and magazines all the time for not only his lifestyle and philanthropy behind the scenes, but what he does on the stage when we're watching him and listening to his music, that gets us so hot about Adam in the first place!
  4. Autographs

    Yeah, I know Make-A-Wish is so cool. I'm a dialysis patient and I've been a dialysis and kidney transplant patient since I was a minor. I think I could have chosen a better music artist anyway to meet with in person, which was my plan (to meet one of my favorite music artists or band because I love music at all), but it's just too bad I didn't know Adam yet, though, huh. However, I am still grateful for the opportunity to have the privilege, and Make-A-Wish to help set it up for me, and also to do what they do for little kids around the world who don't have as many pleasures or privileges as others might.I had a lot of fun, I got to meet (the band I chose) on New Year's Eve at Knott's Berry Farm, CA after a nice chicken dinner at their special Knott's Chicken restaurant (just before the band's concert) only two days before my birthday! Very fun and nice indeed! I will never forget it. I am so thankful to Make-A-Wish Foundation that someday (when I come into some good dough, cash flow, you know), now that I'm a lot older, I want to be able to donate a decent amount of my paycheck right back to the non profit organization for the new generation of kids.
  5. I want a number, my name is FanMail! Also, a question: Is there any more benefits from this list than just being a fan with a number, and a name?
  6. Autographs

    Oh yes, I completely understand. That is too much on the body, mind and spirit for Adam and practically any human being, and we need Adam on that stage and famous being the best that he is and still staying true to himself and keep being the kind and caring person I know he is. It was a little disrespectful to make some of the comments I made, even though it was more about Wonderful Union and the companies supporting Adam and taking care of him and his fan mail for him, in my first responding post, so please excuse me again for the unthoughtful, almost two faced remarks. However, I am not deleting the post because I say a lot of things (good things) that I want to leave said, I also spent a lot of time responding to and apologizing about that post, twice now! that I also want to keep posted, and want the fans reading to know what I am talking about, and I just want to keep everything as candid and honest as it all is when I post or respond on this forum without editing or other shit, because after all, this is just a forum, and I am just another one of Adam's fans (hidden in the humungous worldwide crowd).However, as a true Glambert fan, I feel as though it isn't right to make off-beat, uneducated comments to other fans about an artist I love or any of his company when I don't know much about the situation, and I was probably just a little bit hurt that I, myself may never get to meet in person, and hug and kiss, the amazing artist I've gotten to hear, see and fall in love with, the one I now secretly name, My Black Pony, Adam Lambert himself, I'm just a little buzzed. Honestly, I wish that when I got my Make A Wish Foundation wish several years ago around 2002 or 2003 (those of you who don't know about Make A Wish, please look it up, I don't have time to go on about it on here) Adam was already famous and he would be my Make A Wish dream instead of the other band I chose that broke up and nobody gives a rats ass about anymore, including myself. But, oh well. More hugs and kisses to Adam, Wonderful Union, RCA and management, American Idol and their whole team, and to all of his adoring fans who buy his albums and merch and go to his concerts, and watch and listen to him all the time and are just so crazy about him, you all keep him right where we want him to be, at the top of his career,and of course to the fans I relate to as well, the ones who send anything in the mail, whether through email or postal mail, I do not want to disrespect you, so please disrespect any disrespectful comments said on here about things we may not know much about, I assure you they are comments and not statements, and should not be read as truth. I did not mean to offend anyone, including Adam Lambert (if he read this, especially, how embarrassing!) or you. As far as Adam, I want MORE! Love Ya!

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I've been an Adam fan ever since American Idol. Adam Lambert is the first artist I voted for to win something on TV! My absolute hands down favorite Idol and what I like to call right now my online boyfriend! I'm so obsessed with him on Vevo and You Tube and his cds and glam nation dvd, and I'm about to travel far away out of state so I can see him in concert for the first time! He seems so sweet and kind and genuine, I swear it would be so awesome if I could meet him someday, but I know that would have to be a miracle coincidence I could ever get that close to him (I can't afford the VIP luxury). However, I've only seen Adam has been on two magazine covers of old, Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone, I have not seen any other, so if you can tell me where to find him, that would be awesome! Thanks for Replying! I knew someone would agree!

    Adam has got to be the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE! It's about time Adam Lambert be put on the cover of a magazine for his sexy persona and success instead of George Clooney don't you think?!!! I am sick of old and boring fellas like the one I just mentioned scooping up all the media attention these days. It is time for the world to fall in love with the beautiful face of America's Sweetheart Idol alum and Queen front man, Grammy nominee, #1 Billboard album chart holder, Worldwide touring artist and successful TV judge gorgeous genuine sweetheart of a man who always love to just be himself and doesn't care about what anyone thinks, and I know he is as sweet and genuine to others as he is to himself, gorgeous man that Adam Lambert IS! I want to see him on the cover of a magazine again, SERIOUSLY! HIS FACE DESERVES TO BE ON TIME OR FORBES MAGAZINE COVER, he's too gorgeous! I want to see him win more awards and Grammys and all the like, and I want to see him promoted more on American talent TV such as The Voice USA as a guest coach or performer and dancing with the stars as a guest judge or performer, and I would love to see him appear on musical drama shows like Star and Empire! Don't you think so?!!! Does anyone out there agree with me! I am obsessed with Adam's sexiness, music, style, fashion, eyes, hair, makeup, glam style, good looks, good teeth, dance moves, stage presence, Glee acting, judging, etc. etc. etc. I could go on and on!
  9. Autographs

    I am sorry, I got a little carried away with some words and statements I sated in my post about Wonderful Union and being fake and phony autographs. I apologize and I know that Adam is a genuine and sweet person inside and cares for his fans more than we know. The comments I made about WU and fake autographs were nothing about Adam himself and I believe Adam would be hurt and not appreciate it if any of the companies or management handling his personal fan appreciation letters and mail were in any way in-authentic or in any way fraudulent to his own fan community and how the fans want to communicate with Adam. These comments were not made in regards to Adam himself, but me not knowing about the company Wonderful Union and if it is too hard to get autographs before or after a show, it is too hard for Adam to receive and sign the ( probably hundreds and thousands of fan mail letters and notes of appreciation he receives from his adoring fans. But that's just a mean and dumb idea and Adam wouldn't be able to receive much encouragement to keep going on in his career. So please disregard those doubtful notes, I do not mean to mislead any of his adoring fans from sending encouraging letters or cds in the mail to sign. I am going to write another grateful note about adam in the "Talk about Adam" thread with all good things to say to the fan community!
  10. Autographs

    Thank you all for your candid and honest responses. I guess I won't be writing a letter about how awesome it would be if fans like us had a chance to have our cds and merch signed in person and even a quick word in or picture with Adam, or with any of our favorite Celebrities when the time is available (It would also be more money for the celebrity and their label because fans would be motivated to buy more cds and merch in order to have them autographed). But I guess there never is any time available for the major celebrities, and you're right, any of their job is taxing to the body (personally, I don't know how any of them sleep). This will definitely prepare me for the disappoint come this June, but I still prefer to see Adam LIVE at a show and get beyond the tape thing, so I'm excited for that. I will just have to send in all my cds through the mail (which you can do, so I've read) to have them autographed, and just hope I am able to get an authentic signature, rather than a stamped or computerized version of an autograph, which is why I wanted it done in person originally, when I could watch him do it. Personally, I don't even know if or how Adam Lambert himself or any major Celebrity would have the time for hardly any of their fan mail that they're receiving from around the world. Which is why I believe the autographs may be fake. However, I still want to see him in concert and I still want to send him stuff in the mail every now and then, whether or not Adam himself reads, receives or keeps any of it at any time or even cares at all. I don't care what Wonderful Union does with anything and if they throw out anything from fans that seem irrelevant and only fake or real graph the merch sent in and send the items back to the fans. I already sent him something through the mail once for Valentine's Day and I don't care what happened to any of it. It was fun and I just had to send it to him anyway.
  11. Autographs

    I have a few short questions based on one simple subject any of you dedicated may be able to answer. This upcoming Summer Tour with Queen will be my first mainstream concert, so I'm not yet sure of all the basics. 1.) Will they be autographing after each show? 2.) Are autographs for VIP only or anyone who stands in line? 3.) Are pictures allowed with celebrities (for fans in the autograph line)? Including selfies? 4.) How many items can be signed per person? Is there a limit? I know these may seem like simple, even retarded questions, but I have big dreams of meeting Adam Lambert after the concert when I get there, and I don't want them to be shattered. I'll be traveling far and wide, from Tennessee to California, Adam Lambert and my family back in CA are the only people I would do this for, so I do not want to be disappointed, but instead prepared, even if I have to go as far as writing a letter to Wonderful Union of how much I and any other concert goers would really appreciate my point. All of these things should be automatic and available to all ticket holders but I am new to this and not 100% sure, so if anyone could respond in a timely manner I would be really grateful. Thank you! Have a Wonderful Day! FanMail