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  1. Hello! Greetings from Norway

    Thank you foxeylady
  2. Hi from Montreal!

    Hi Emilie, Welcome . I’m kind of new here as well. I “found” Adam earlier this year. And what a find!!!! I couldn’t agree more, his just amazing isn’t he?! I have yet to see him live, but I’m waiting, more or less patiently for November. Meeting him is on my bucket list too
  3. Adam sale his home house in L.A. Why now??

    Glambert Headquarters . That sounds like a lot of fun
  4. Is it a 'Kinda Magic?"

    I don-t know the specifics of this tour, and how things are these days really. But from what I have read and heard, when some of the “big bands” used to go on tour, they had several stages. So one is taken down, one is in use, and one is being set up ready for the next gig. I'm guessing they are doing something simular to this now, to get the logistics to work.
  5. Hello! Greetings from Norway

    Thanx so much ADAMITES2015, feels very welcoming here. Sorry I have been absent for a while, but it’s been a bit of a turbulent time. I hope to find some more time to post here, and just hang. I’m starting a new job tomorrow, so I’m kind of excited and anxious at the same time these days. Hoping this is the start of something good, after about a year and a half of some insecurity.
  6. On Stage Experience

    That’s true, It’s probably due to differences in the venues. Too bad they didn’t have this for the concert in Finland. When they were adding concert dates I was hoping for å concert in Oslo, but that didn’t come, so I just jumped on and got tickets for the closest cities. I was lucky that they had the On stage VIP in Copenhagen, and I feel even more lucky that I actually got one! I’m sure they sell out really quickly. You’ve gotten to see him that many times! Wow, that’s so cool!!!! Oh God! What an idea! I would LOVE to be in the room when they rehearse!
  7. Hello! Greetings from Norway

    Good to know I’m not alone in getting to bed way way late, after major youtube binging Thanx so much Anka87. It’s so good to find company with others with the same interests and passion. Hi Susan100. A fellow newbie, that’s great. So great that you got tickets to the Glasgow concert! I’m so excited for you. I think I know the feeling, I get all excited just thinking about the fact that I got tickets.
  8. On Stage Experience

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they have that option at all the concerts. I got tickets for the concert in Stockholm first, and didn’t see anything about VIP tickets. But they might have been sold out already, I don’t know. Thanx, I’m so excited I can’t wait! Like almost jumping up and down just thinking about it
  9. Hello! Greetings from Norway

    Thanx Thanx koula . I plan to hang around here and get to know the site and people here hopefully. Thanx albertabroad. Fellow northern european. You got to discover him that early on, lucky you. I wish I found him earlier on. But I'm so so so enjying the discovery now. I've also had some nights watching videos, when time just has flown by and I've ended up going to bed way way later than i should.
  10. Hello! Greetings from Norway

    Thank you so much foxeylady. Nice to have a place to go where there are other people with the same passion. His voice was what drew me in as well, but after having seen lots and lots of interviews and stuff online these last months, he seems like such a sweet funny lovely guy, and that just makes me all the more invested in a way. I love the collaboration with Queen and Adam. I have to admit I was slightly sceptical at first because I love Queen, and I was afraid that things would be weird in a way. But I just get a good feeling about it. They didn’t go down the route of having Adam imitate Freddy, he gets to be himself and do his thing as far as I can understand, and that is key I think! They all seem to have a great chemistry together and that’s very important, they seem to really really enjoy themselves, and Adam has a powerhouse of a voice. I also think it “helped” me that I discovered him (admittedly later then I wish I had) doing music that wasn’t queen. I got to discover this amazing singer that can do so many diverse genres so brilliantly. I do know some queen fans that don’t like it and I think maybe for those who just sort of felt like they were presented with a new guy they don’t know much about, and now he will be fronting your favourite band, put up their defences and sort of just decided not to like it. But who knows… I didn’t like the collaboration they had with Paul Rogers, and I’m sure some people did, so I guess it’s a difference of opinion maybe. I am going to two of the shows, and I’m so excited! Unfortunately they don’t have any shows in Norway, but I managed to get tickets to the show in Stockholm, and VIP tickets to the show in Copenhagen. That’s basically this year’s holyday budget. I’ve never seen Queen live in any form, so I’m just soooo looking forwards to this. Oh! Really long answer. Sorry for rambling on
  11. On Stage Experience

    I've got one for the Copenhagen concert. Decided to just go for it. I'm going to the concert in Stockholm on a regular ticket the day before.
  12. Hello! Greetings from Norway

    Hello My name is Kristine, and I live just south of Oslo Norway. I just recently discovered Adam, I had heard his name before, but I’ve never seen idol. I’m actually a big Queen fan, but after Queen did the collaboration with Paul Rodgers I’ve sort of just kept to the old stuff, and not been following anything of the new. I was looking for a guitar lesson on YouTube on how to play stairway to heaven, when one of the videos on related things was Adam Lambert singing whole lotta love. I saw that and was just WOW! This has led to hours and hours of YouTube watching, album shopping, listening to great music and falling completely in love with this fantastic voice and lovely lovely man. And that’s how I ended up here.