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Found 9 results

  1. A music producer named Rob (I don't remember his last name) said that Adam could sing every note a guitar could play. I found a video that explains how many octaves a guitar can play and what those notes are. I have read a lot about Adam's range. If this is true, his range is at least 4 octaves. I am sure that someone knows this producer's last name. There was a video of him talking about this during the time FYE was being recorded.
  2. I need to hear from VIP Onstage experience fans who have seen the show so far. We have onstage for Nashville. I'm a little concerned we will be happy with the onstage experience. Second guessing my choice. Don't get me wrong I LOVE ADAM and Queen and got to meet Adam last year but on stage will be a new experience. Just want to know what to expect...will the lights/lasers blind you and keep you from seeing...how much does Adam turn around so you can see, etc.
  3. JLo is going to be in the live version of Bye Bye Birdie this December on TV. The performer playing Birdie hasn't been chosen yet. JLo said that they are considering a lot of male performers. I can't think of a better performer to play Birdie than Adam. First, his look is very similar to how Birdie is usually depicted. Adam has the musical theater experience to know how to play the character. His voice cannot be beaten. Adam is sexy, like the character. How can we start a trend for Adam to get this role?
  4. Adam Lambert + Queen is the SUBER DUO !!!! Go to - suberbowl51.com And Vote for ADAM LAMBERT + QUEEN to perform in SuperBowl Halftime !!! Your Vote Counts! Thank you
  5. I found Adam when I was in one of the darkest corners of my life. I had be cutting and belittling my self for over a year and a half. I had been caught once and I couldn't stop. I would rather have pain then try to understand why everyone but my older brother hated me. A few friends found out and stuck by me, but it wasn't enough for me to understand. I almost lost my best friend and brother that were on my side. No one could under stand why. The would star questioning and why they even tried, then they would yell and scream and threaten me. But I some how made it through. To this day I still don't know why I did that or why the urge attacks me now. But I do know I found a light in the tunnel. It wasn't God, or Jesus, or anyone. It was music. But that eventually started to burn out. I was losing what little hope I had in the Feature and hope in myself I had found. I was falling back down and hard. Last October a close friend told me about Adam, his Trespassing album and a fan fic on Wattpad call Save Me. For a week I couldn't stop listening or reading that book. It was like dopamine injected into my system by injection. I felt something that wasn't pain or anger. This put in the position to either ignore the fact I was hurting my self not just physically, but emotionally as well or come clean with my self and my parents. I came clean. It's not easy. Especially when the start bashing on him like people in the fan army wars are right now. But I helped. I chose to re write my story because I wanted to jump hear first in to the glitter, face the hurricanes and discover the thin line between the dark side and the light side. Have a lonely night and have something that I know is real. That's the Galmily. I haven't felt this kinda of love in a long time and its refreshing. I'm crying as i write this. It's been hard to let myself realize that I have to discover who I am and what I stand for. It's even harder to fight for it and let there be mistakes that I can't fix at the moment, but I's worth it every step of the way. But every little quote, picture, anything I find that we've some how gotten out there, it gives me hope and pushes me to do harder and push myself harder then before because I want jto be what I can be no matter what anyone says or dose to me. Yes I'm still struggling with everything in my life, but I'm enjoying my straight jacket.
  6. Hi, does anyone know what Adam's fan mail address is? Thanks
  7. With you I want to live, intense, every day and every night of my life everyday. I want to walk with you holding our hand in the evening when the sun retires slowly westward as an old man in bed. I wish to whisper I love you and I want to feel your perfume Why would ametii making me want you even more than ever. Your eyes would make me feel that loneliness has vanished like smoke wiped time to become nonexistent. Safe and kiss your sweet soul I would wake up to life wishing I live every moment of the day and night, only with you. I would not ever leave your side. With I together would go through fire, water, and other obstacles trouble. Nothing hard there would seem to me, because I know you were with me, fighting together for the great love that we wear it. But you would you like to know me? Or I dream and I will think of you in vain? For you, for me, he was born a forbidden love that hurts more than to enjoy my life. More hurt me, hit me embalmed wishful thinking and wounds of the soul with tears and words of courage to go on even without you. It's hard and painful to know me also co love that you cherish just for you. I do not think that you know of my existence. How do you get out of my mind? Where to get courage to stop your music when you listen, not to hear your voice? I have power to stop any song of yours that you will stop listening. Your voice bittersweet my soul leads me into another world. In the world that I would like to live with you. Your voice vibrates just my heart and make it beat louder rhythm of desire and longing for love. I dream to walk with you night under clear sky with the moon and stars. Let's look to the sky as a star falls, and the two of us put ourselves in going the same desire: ,, to stay together for better or for worse, until the end of life ''. And why not feel your body hot hot unites the passion as my body burned by the same sin, making infatuation, under the stares of the stars and the Moon. I imagine how are you and me alone in the wilderness, and topped with a blanket across the galaxy powerful witness of our love we share a mutual. ... Kiss Kiss your park and feel the happiness makes me shiver. Your lips are like and see how my lips slowly coming thirst for you. Dulce would be the time. Hands ... your hands to see them as slowly approaching my skin and how I gently caress every part of making my body touched vibrate and thrill of desires and cravings are nemaibanuite before. Your eyes blue eyes ... warm and gentle when they looked at my eyes would make a sudden slave and prisoner of your love in your arms. Your body burning body ... and full of life you would my body some eager and thirsty after you sin, would become one body, one desire, one thought and one memory .... However I would like to live intensely with you and break the chain that bound me loneliness near the brink dezanadejdii and suffering. It's hard without you. I want you in my life, my dear. I want what you've done beauty scrum heart that no longer dares to hope for a new Sun on my street. With respect Costin This night is so hard I can not see the sky no stars I'd like for you to run And I love to think But you another life My soul is extinguished without hope I can not have I'm hurt heart Why do you want with me? How can I part of your love? You are a great artist And I'll be eternally sad It's hard for me As I do not feel the love But this is my life You have someone else 1 My wishes remain just a dream You're not next to me to get up Just cry and feel pain In my soul suffering in silence How much I want His catch in my hand a star Let's whisper about me As your desire to love And I sleep at night-n arms Forgetting sadness and loneliness You're like a flame that burns in my heart I burn and I can not stand I welter in vain thoughts How I want to be near you close I can not sleep nights Your songs I listen daily Do not get enough of your voice What was wrong with my heart? Why you want and unknown foreign man? Why was born in me the desire to kiss you? I wonder how could I? To have you in my life? You will not like me And you will not succeed I can love You can not lie I have to do something with my life I can not live like this Thoughts black will break me I feel like I have no escape But I have to quit Even if I were to be burned forever The longing and love And too much deception I will fight with those black thoughts I will break those chains and What tied me of an imaginary world Where is only winter
  8. I can't seem to find my original thread, though there are like 36 pages to sort through. I might as well start off with my new wallpapers and such that are Adam related right now: This image is the one that is displayed currently on my facebook profile. Wallpaper 1 - version 1 - http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/905/0K0evG.jpg Wallpaper 1 - version 2 - http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/913/HBvBYA.jpg
  9. Hi, fellow Glamberts. I've been away for awhile, but I finally re-activated my account yesterday. I hope to reconnect with some of you and meet others for the first time. Anyone excited for The Original High as much as I am? Ghost Town is awesome! My mom isn't sure when we'll get to a Wal-Mart to get a copy this week, but I'm gonna try and get one either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday! Just wanted to re-introduce myself. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. Oh yeah, I forgot to put my name here! How stupid fo me! I'm Angela, and my mom and I are big fans of Adam. In fact, my sister and I gave her a CD we made of Adam Lambert songs for Mother's Day after his American Idol performances were posted on YouTube.