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Found 9 results

  1. Post Election Thoughts...

    To be honest, I'm not sure I want to post this here... I am not a political person and I don't wish to stir up any mud slinging contests, etc. But, as a Canadian with friends in the USA, well, I'm concerned about the outcome of the election and what this might mean in future... God Pray for the USA The saying was “God Bless America” For it was the land of the free Will that still be the case With Trump, President to be? Will a wall be built And people deported? Will the Ku Klux Klan Celebrate as reported? Will freedoms hard won Now be taken away? And it no longer be legal To be married and gay? Will women be less Than any person should be Now that Trump holds the reins For the entire country? Only time shall tell What the future may hold We’ll just have to see How things unfold For now, I think we all should say “God Pray for the USA” ©2016 Shadow Whysper --- Please note, I will remove this topic if deemed inappropriate for this forum.
  2. Let There Be Hope

    Let There Be Hope If you're going to dislike or hate someone Do so for something within their control Not their gender or the hue of their skin The world has always been colourful Do it for their disrespectful attitude Or the way they treat their fellow man Not because of who they love Or if they have skin that can tan Do so for how they choose to behave Being different shouldn't mean an early grave Do it for the words they choose to use Not because of their African roots Do so because they dishonor the Earth Not for how they are at the time of their birth If you're going to dislike or hate someone Do so for something they can change For a sensible reason That puts hope within range Not for something that causes such senseless sorrow Let there be hope for a better tomorrow © Shadow Whysper
  3. Illusions of Reality

    Illusions of Reality They say we have free will to make decisions on our own That nothing is truly fixed or fully set in stone Yet some knowledge is innate, present in our genes What is the true source of our hopes and dreams? Do we pick our destinations or just the path we choose to go? Do we accept or do we fight the natural ebb and flow? How much of our reality is really our own making On this journey called life we are born into taking? ©Shadow Whysper
  4. My 2 cents on the bathroom issue...

    I'm a little rusty, but I thought I'd jot something down in response to all the fuss over bathroom laws lately... Apparently Target has become a 'target' for deciding to allow people to use whichever bathroom they wish, regardless of their physical gender, (and they're not the only ones)... Personally, I agree with the decision to have inclusive bathrooms. I think people should be able to go wherever they feel most comfortable. After all, we all have to go... Battle of the Sexes I was born a man, or woman, as it be The sex that I appear doesn’t match internally When I look into the mirror, I see the opposite of me I just want my image to reflect my true identity While I’m in transition, which bathroom do I choose? Where do I feel safest? What do I have to lose? Will people disrespect me, one way or the other? It is a human function we all share with one another So why such a challenge, a battle that I face? Do I do what is expected or take my rightful place? Do I truly pose a danger to those who feel just like me? Soon my outer image will match my reality Then the battle of the sexes I face within will cease And all of my self will finally be at peace ©2016 Shadow Whysper (I posted this as a blog on the fan site as well, but figure most people tend to hang around the forum so thought I'd put a copy here.)
  5. Always A Winner To Me

    Walking down memory lane again... Surprised I hadn't already posted this one here... Hoping tonight yields different results than those depicted in this poem... Always a Winner to Me So you were nominated A Grammy you could win To have you lose the trophy To some would seem a sin But it was not to be Another took the prize Yet you will always be A winner in my eyes… It’s not the awards you have Or the trophies that you hold It’s the millions you have touched And the truths that you have told It’s the strength that you have given And the ideals you uphold It’s the power you instill And the spirits you make bold It’s all of the above… And yet it’s so much more This is only the beginning There’s so much left in store You may have left the Grammys Empty handed as it be… And yet it changes nothing... You’re always a winner to me ©2011 Shadow Whysper
  6. Common Thread

    Bringing this back from the past, it's just as true now as it was when it was written... Common Thread We are all very different, each and every one Yet, we all live on this planet and share the same sun Our lives are very different, our thoughts not quite the same But each and every one of us can feel heat from a flame We keep ourselves apart, yet we crave to be close Always happy to have friends and saddened to have foes We dislike feeling different, seeming isolated If only all could see that we really are related We are all here for a reason, that is for us to learn Inside each and every one, a flame does burn It is there to guide us, to be truly who we are Only we have the power to make that flame a star We must embrace our differences, yet know that we’re the same We should be proud of who we are and not feel any shame We are all on a journey, each and every one Lift your faces high and smile at the sun… © Shadow Whysper --- Adam has become part of our common thread. He is bringing people together all over the world and is now part of the journey we all travel in life. It is my hope that he is able to truly accomplish great things and make the world a better place to live. To be honest, I’m sure that he already has. It only takes one person that is touched by Adam to ‘pay it forward’ and make life better for someone else. I think we would all be amazed by the changes already taking place in the world around us. I hope Adam’s star burns brightly for many, many years to come.
  7. Magnetic Appeal

    Magnetic Appeal He is a sexual being, orientation aside For within this man a power does abide His appeal is strong for man, woman and child An attraction almost primitive and somehow wild People are drawn to him like a moth to a flame Touched by this power they can’t seem to name He is a force, with magnetic appeal His rise to fame seems almost surreal How could he stay hidden for so long With this force of attraction within him so strong? This power is amplified when he sings Touching all who hear the emotions it brings Transcending all boundaries, crumbling walls As irresistible as when a Siren calls It seems almost mythical in its appeal This magnetic attraction I can’t help but feel ©Shadow Whysper
  8. Can't Get Enough

    Can’t Get Enough I’m addicted to “The Original High” Can’t get enough of this amazing guy A mix of sadness and “The Light” A touch of “Evil in the Night” And the “Things I Didn’t Say” All carry me along the way Through the “Ghost Town” of his heart To “Another Lonely Night” apart Then “Underground” and into “Heavy Fire” Yet, of his sound I never tire Soon the “Rumors” and “Shame” are gone But “Lucy” and “These Boys” carry on It’s “After Hours” and there’s more to go Still waiting for one more I know Finally “There I Said It” is declared And all the songs have now been shared But I’m addicted so on repeat they play Over and over, each and every day Can’t get enough of this amazing man You would think I was a fan… ;-) © Shadow Whysper
  9. Adam Revealed

    Adam Revealed No more makeup or costumes to hide behind Another side of Adam is what we find Stripped of all the flash and flare Leaving Adam revealed and bare Showing the darker side within us all The depths to which we all can fall And yet the strength to continue on Even when our dreams are gone To find the courage to stand alone Shows just how much he has grown He is the light that touches far and wide No longer will his true self hide… ©2015 ShadowWhysper