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Dear all, THE GLOBERTS PROJECT is completed! Now, let's embark on our next Globert Project: Adam's Support Classrooms Challenge for Fan Groups!

Please visit the GLOBERTS Charity Thread for more info and DONATE: http://www.adamofficial.com/node/552472

Adam asks his fans to donate to donorschoose.org in lieu of buying him gifts.


The Globerts, international fans of Adam Lambert, are honoured to participate in this worthy cause of bringing much needed funds and resources to children's education across the United States of America.

The Globerts represent all the tight international friendships that have been fostered amongst all of Adam Lambert's fans. The word “Globert” is a combination of “Global + Lambert”.

It is with this global perspective and heart that we donate in the name of our Idol, Adam Lambert, as we understand that children is the future and education is the key. We invite ALL Globerts to give generously - to participate in this very special and worthy cause! Let us show that the world is full of love, harmony and unity!


Calling ALL GLOBERTS - all International Adam fans! This is THE GLOBERTS PROJECT!

ADAM has just heard of us via Access Hollywood's Laura Saltman's interview of Adam recently (see video of interview below).


In response to this... we are asking ALL GLOBERTS to come in and participate in this project to deliver our well-wishes and love to Adam!


What are we suppose to do?

Post a message of positivity & love to Adam in this thread. NOTE: This message cannot be more than 2 sentences.

LIST DOWN your name, Globert #, and country

I'll be collating EVERYONE's messages and along with your name, Globert #, country & Avatar, will PRINT THEM OUT so that we can pass it to Adam!

The print out will be mailed to our fellow Globert, Mom4Music, who will be attending Adam's concert in August and who will be trying to pass it to Adam personally!

DEADLINE: 31 July 2009 (we need ALL your messages in by this date!)

Let's make Adam realise that he is a GLOBAL IDOL with international fans across the world!



Thank you for all your messages! The final product is DONE! I've pdf the file so that ALL can view and download! What will happen is that I'll be printing the file out in COLOUR and the pages will be cut before binding. So the FINAL hardcopy product would be a 42 page booklet of our LOVE and SUPPORT of Adam!

Go to this site to read more about the project before downloading:


I'VE UPDATED THE GLOBERTS PROJECT with the complete GLOBERT FAN LIST and also more graphics and pics - THIS IS THE FINAL VERSION:




As Adam will not be coming out after the next few concerts, it was decided that we would try to pass our GIFT to one of the idols, specifically Scott! A generous gift of Lindt chocolates helped sweeten the favour!

@Mom4Music had successfully passed the gift to Scot. See her twits below:

@Mom4Music Guess what globerts? Mission complete! Scott and todd rock!!! -alex

@Mom4Music @ooipau we will and i will give more updates in between performances -alex

(Alex is Mom's daughter who is helping her with the twats!)


SO.... Let's THANK SCOTT & TODD with this twit:

@idolscott @toddmacintyre A WORLD (73 countries to be specific) of THANKS for HELPING US PASS OUR GIFT OF LOVE to ADAM! Luv 771 Globerts! :)


To let Adam know about our Gift, you can also twat to @adamlambert this message:

THE GLOBERTS hope U like the little gift passed 2 U by @Mom4Music to @idolscott @toddmacintyre to YOU! Pls give us a shoutout!



The concert was Friday but the glam process started Thursday. My 2 girls and I (and hubby - but he plays a supporting role) were going to the concert - so we had rhinestones, black, cobalt blue and a lighter blue nail polish, and other nail jewelry to decorate our fingers and toe nails. Hair to do - straightening my daughter's hair the night before took almost an hour, blue hair colour to streak and t-shirts to glitter.

I also went out to buy chocolates for Scott MacIntyre because he had tweeted that he liked Lindt chocolates and there's a store near me. I packaged the Globerts gift with a note to pass onto Adam and a note for Adam to please bubble tweet when he opened it. I also has 2 magazines from the Singapore Glamberts with the article with Adam carrying the bag they gave him and the pics of the rhinestone tie.

I figured Scott always comes out and he would be my best bet to get the gift to Adam.

Was up late Thursday night getting everything together and too excited to sleep until after 2am.

Friday came - got up, finished touches on my nails, the little girl's hair got everything organized and headed out early.

It was about a 1 and 1/2 hour drive so we got there right around 2pm - saw 3 buses, red semi-trucks and a crowd (about 250 people maybe) in front of Copps Coliseum - thought the buses were the Idol's buses - but found out later they belonged to the production team and the Idols buses were parked underground - relief - because they looked too small to hold 10 people.

Parked, walked into the crowd - looking for fellow Adam fans - got distracted by people having programs and had to go buy one first - thought it would be good to get the Idols to sign on. Ventured back into the crowd.

So there were barricades set up along the front of the stadium which is right near the sidewalk and street so it was a bit crowded. We found Jaysjenntenn - the woman who got the Adam tattoo and she had a huge sign which I will also post a pic of me and my girls holding. She was quite the celebrity- lots of folks took pics of her tattoo and sign. We also met other Glamberts but didn't get names - too excited - forgot - There was quite a bit of Danny and Kris fans too but the crowd was obviously happy to see any of the Idols (more on this later). I showed a few of them our gift and they said how nice it was and compared it to the naming of the star after Adam.

About an hour after we got there, Scott and his brother Todd came out - I had a spot right in front by the barricades so I put the chocolates in one bag and got the "package" ready for delivery. I had one box of chocolates with a note for Scott on it in my hand - I waved it at Todd and said I have chocolates for Scott - Todd is sooo cute - he said - Oh Great!!! and I gave the box and then the bag of chocolates. Then I asked him if he could give Adam a gift from me and he said yes and he took the "package". I then got Scott's autograph - thanked them profusely and told them they rocked....I am a fan of both of them for life now. They put the gifts down until they finished signing autographs and then they picked it up and took it inside - Yay!!! I was jumping up and down doing the fist pumping and yelling "Score!!" .

In my excitement I barely remembered to take a pic of Scott and Todd so these are not as good....LOL.

I could not believe that my mission was accomplished so early in the day - the gods were smiling on us Globerts...

So now with all my excitement - I could relax a bit too - Michael Sarver came out next - he is so sweet - spent lots of time with everyone - took pics, chatted..got his autograph and picture to.

Then quite a bit after that maybe 30 - 40 minutes later Kris came out - he is so tiny - I am short - but can still say he is tiny - but he is CUTE!!!! He had a toque and sunglasses on and was signing and taking pictures. He spent quite a bit of time outside and I got a great pic of his handsomeness. There was a lady in a wheelchair who wanted to meet him and he had already gone past us and we all yelled lady in wheelchair wants a pic with you and he came back - bent over the barricade, talked to her and took a pic with her - I yelled "Kris you Rock" because he is just super sweet and I think the name "Pocket Idol" is perfect for him - too cute - wanna put him in your pocket and keep him there...

We waited another 40 minutes and nothing happened... kids were hungry - hadn't fed them any lunch and it was 5pm... started walking away and heard the loud screams,,, Allison and Anoop were out.

Allison did the walk by hold the marker out autograph thing - no pics - chatted a bit while signing but mostly did the streak by with the sharpie thing.

Anoop - got choruses - Noop, there he is!!! and he was good about signing and taking pics too...although I had lost my prime spot so didn't get a good pic of him...

We went back to the car - had to get another parking pass for after 5pm or risk being towed - would have been a long way to walk home - got some water - did I mention it was one of our hottest days yet this summer yesterday...hopefully melted a few pounds in the sun...

We had planned on going to the tailgate party but kids were hot, hungry and feet already hurt - being the "A" type personality that I am - I had made reservations at the restaurant connected to the stadium - just in case - thought the kids deserved a break so went there instead - good thing thought ahead - 'cos they were all booked and were only taking in people with reservations and tickets to the show.

Some CanadiaAdams fans were meeting there as well so there was good Adam representation in the restaurant.

We realized over dinner that my daughter left the camera in the car when we went back to redo the parking pass - oops- problem - our tickets were scanned to enter the restaurant in the stadium and they told us we couldn't go back out...no camera???? Oh well - I was planning on enjoying the concert and just taking it all in anyways...trying to think positively...

Went to our seats - I liked them - Floors - right up front would have been the best but these were just off to the left side of the stage 15 rows up - great view of the stage and the big screens.

Raepat came over and found us to say hi - I told her I didn't have the Globerts gift because I had already given it to Scott - Shoutout here to raepats - glammed up shirt - it was cool with Globerts and Glamberts sewn in sequence on a black off the shoulder top... COOL

This is where hubby comes in - he couldn't go early with us but a friend of his was heading out of town for the weekend and was kind enough to drop him off en route - he was our designated driver back home!!!]

Concert started - Michael Sarver was good - Canadian crowd was soo good - they gave everyone love...they didn't all stand for anyone but Adam but the floor folks did and the rest used their hands to show support. I tried to get the group around me to stand up but they said they were saving it for Adam - which I could fully understand...Sarver sounded good and does a good job with the audience - he got a black bar thrown on stage - I laughed and said - Michael got his first bra....

Megan - looked like a barbie doll in her introduction piece - she does look hawt in her mettalic pink dress and pink high heel shoes...I enjoyed her first song much more than her second-

Scott - was really good - no bias - his voice sounded awesome and he is so good on the piano

Lil - was good - had good energy and got the crowd going with her single ladies song

Anoop - he really can sing ballads.

Matt - Matt is amazing - he is great with the audience, sounds good and ooooh man can he play a piano... bet he could play hanging upside down and backwards...I have new found fandom for Matt

Intermission - 20 minutes - raepat came over and we chatted again and hubby took a pic with her, me, and my 2 girls

Allison - Allison did a fairly good job with So What and amazing on crybaby and barracuda but other than hyping the 3 guys coming up after her has very little interaction with the crowd...IMO

Danny - Okay - he was surprisingly good to watch and listen too - in spite of the Adam -mirroring - he took his jacket off - danced a bit with the mic stand - but he does sound good - at least for the first 3 songs - Danny's last song was like a buzzing in my ear because all I could think of was that Adam was coming up next... and my heart was pounding - ADAM! ADAM! ADAM!

I turned to the Adam fan behind me when Danny was almost finished and did the heart palpitation sign...

Then the countdown, the bangs, the A - D - A - M and there he was in all his fierceness...Wow!!!! I was in the same room as him - I was determined to watch it all and take it all in but had to notice that the entire stadium was pretty much on its feet from the time Danny finished singing - Adam was the Rock Star - everyone before him was okay but he was in control and you had to watch him - thought his eye make up looked darker than I have seen it before and he had his hair spiked again - mmmm - and his outfit - it is like watching a being from another world... He rocked WLL - he didn't overdo the vocals - but oh my hearing him sing live -- priceless and he did the mic stand thing - and a few movements with Sneaky...at appropriate times...

Then Starlight - he was sooo expressive - he feels those words and he make me feel them too...then Mad World - which tore at my heart yet again - don't know what was going through his mind during yesterday's performance but there was so much emotion emanating from him - it was like an energy force of its own...

Then him and Allison did Slow Ride - they have a lot of fun doing that and you can see the energy they get from each other... IMO she performed better singing with him than on her own... there were lots of stuff thrown on the stage before this and during this... a bra definitely - a whip or something (which hit him on the leg) and prompted him to ask nicely not feel free to throw "gifts" but not AT him...

The Bowie medley was most awesome - he dances, moved his hips every which way and was utterly sexy and mesmerizing and then he moved the the middle of the stage and I yelled - "NO, don't go..." but he did. Amazing.

Kris' set was good - different from Adam - they are different performers and the audience didn't all stand for him the way they did for Adam but he got a really good reception.

We were going to leave early for signing but I didn't want to miss a minute of Adam so we stayed for DSB - he didn't sing the glory note but he did do the shout out to the band and him and Kris did their "dance"

Then it was over - too short - more ADAM!

We waited for an hour outside and they all came out except for Adam - which I had prepared myself for - we got pics and autographs of everyone but Megan - Megan came out at the other end of the line and was just a blonde blur as she moved through and by the time I saw her blonde hair and realized it was her - she was gone...

I have to tell u all - the highlight for my daughter - since we didn't see Adam was when Matt signed her hat - put it on, waited for me to take a picture and then gave it back to her.

It was worth it to see Adam live - he is such a performer!!! I enjoyed the others - but would have to think about paying to see them live - Adam - can't wait for his solo tour!!!!!

And my fellow Canadians rocked - showed everyone love and respect and although they did chant Adam it was never while another Idol was out in front of them...

So that's the words - sorry so long - pics will come tomorrow...



Countries represented

Argentina Australia Austria

Belgium Bulgaria

Canada Chile China Columbia



Fiji Finland


Hong Kong

India Indonesia Israel



Malaysia Mexico

New Zealand

Peru Philippines Portugal


Singapore Slovenia South Africa Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland


United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Minor

Venezuela Vietnam



For the original Globerts Fan List, click here:


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Dearest Mr. Lambert!

My name is Max Greiner (maxx in the forum) and my friends and I absolutely love and adore your incredible voice. We wish you great success and happiness and hope to hear your exquisite voice in Vienna some day soon.

Sincerely and with love

Max Greiner

Globert # 558

Glambert # 3424

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Adam, you are an amazing person, inside and out; you have inspired not just me, but millions of other people worldwide to be themselves, and proved that it's cool to be you; also, I love the fact that you want to be a role model for kids who maybe are a little weird (like myself)-I can honestly say you have helped me very much in school, and other activities as well, and I'd really like to thank you for that. I love you for all of those things, but most of all I love your voice, and how you really, really connect with the song you're singing; you don't just sing a song, you are always connnected to the lyrics, which I find amazing, and I'd like to thank you for sharing your talent with us!

(Sorry-the sentences are REALLY long...)




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Dear Adam,

You're not only an idol, you're also a role model and an inspiration to not only me, but to all the other Globerts too! And yes, keep yourself grounded and don't ever lose yourself!!


Seth McPartlin (SethLambert)

Globert #150


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globert# - 608

name- Ellie Irving

Country- England, uk

Adam, Your voice is the most exquisite sound in the world, the only thing that has the same hipnotic effect over me is your sweet,sexy,funny,perfect personality and your astonishing beauty. The passion you sing me sends me speechless, i support you in everything you choose to do and wish you a life time a happiness and succes (you completly deserve it) I love you and always will, ellie x

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ADAM: I JUST WANT TO THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!! I think that you are not only a very talented guy but also a total act class and a role model for everyone!LOVE your inmaculate vocals, your amazing presence stage, oh! and YOU RE TOTALLY HOT!!can't wait for your album.

Ana Monino (ARGENTINA)

۞Globert #585

۞ Glambert #3484

۞LatinGlambert #655

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Post your positive messages of love & light here!

And we will get them to Adam next month through one of our very own Globerts - Mom4Music - who will be attending one of the concerts!

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Dear Adam, I wanted to thank you for reminding me what music is all about- being excited, feeling exhilarated, giddy and challenged. Thank you for reminding me I can still get excited about things in this way. You truly made me very happy these past few months. I think you are an amazing person (aside from your talent) and so excited I get to watch your dreams come true- you deserve it! I love you and again THANK YOU!

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Dear ADAM 8) We love you with all our heart you are the star that we have been waiting for your voice, your presence and your great talent .. thank Adam for teaching us to fight for our dreams and to be honest ¡¡¡ ADAM DANCE WITH US AND GIVE YOU FREEDOM!!!!!

with love!!!

Sonia Contreras

Country: Perú

Globert: 559


Glambert: 3085

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Hey Adam,Just wanted to say that I'm really happy for you and wish you all the success you have imagined for yourself in your career and more importantly Joy & love in your personal life.

Have fun and keep it real. Hi to your mum Leila, she is very cool.


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Dearest Adam,

I can't even say how thankful I am of you for coming into my life and defining EVERYTHING I've ever wanted in an artist and an idol, even the things I never knew I wanted before! Keep inspiring us with your music; please stay healthy and happy, because we Glamberts and Globerts love you dearly, I want you to be around for a long time to come as you're the only artist in the world of whom I've ever wanted to be a fan for life.

Phuong Le (Holly)

Glambert #3773

Globert #641

From Vietnam :)

(Sorry my last sentence is very long too, I have a lot to say to him... :( Btw, thank you ooi for doing this! You rock :))

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Dear Adam, words cannot express your great talent, and the excitement you brought to so many of us. stay exactly the way you are because you are an inspiration to so many people.

you are loved!!:)

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Adam, you are an amazing person, inside and out; you have inspired not just me, but millions of other people worldwide to be themselves, and proved that it's cool to be you; also, I love the fact that you want to be a role model for kids who maybe are a little weird (like myself)-I can honestly say you have helped me very much in school, and other activities as well, and I'd really like to thank you for that. I love you for all of those things, but most of all I love your voice, and how you really, really connect with the song you're singing; you don't just sing a song, you are always connnected to the lyrics, which I find amazing, and I'd like to thank you for sharing your talent with us!

(Sorry-the sentences are REALLY long...but I have a lot to say!)




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Dear Adam, your voice gives me goosebumps from pleasure, your performances have me mesmerized and your beautiful caring personality and love of life make me smile. Please stay safe and happy always and take good care of yourself; we want to enjoy your music for a long time to come, because you're the best thing that has happened to music in forever time.

A whole lotta love from


Globert #478

Zambia, Africa

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Thanks for your music, your voice and your talent!. You inspires me in every way and i'll supporting you always, no matter what!, with love,

Constanza Villalobos, Globert # 665, Chile.

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I don't think you can understand what you mean to me/us. I hope I can ever give out at least 10% of what you're unconsciously giving me. I love your talent and wish you the best!!


Glambert # 1703

Globert # 98


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