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Welcome to the LamberKiwis LamberLounge....

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Welcome to the LamberKiwis LamberLounge

Tena koutou katoa.




Sunday 17 October.

Venue & ticket information found here:



4.55pm Tuesday 7 Sept on ZM radio - they played Fever!!!

You can tweet: @ZMonline or text 9696 (ZMZM) to request / show appreciation.


We now have our own NZ forum (alongside Australia) on the community page. This will be THE place for all tour news - will be posted there as soon as we know anything!

Here is the link:



CaroleS has retired as OP so I took over as OP.........

Here is the link for previous posts:


A little bit of history about our home on this site. Maree started a home for us in the Off Topic Forum, called Waving From New Zealand on 22 May 2009 - click on the link here to read all the posts - http://www.adamofficial.com/us/content/waving-new-zealand - and then on 5 July 2009 we set up permanent residence in the Adam Discussion forum with our current name - after much discussion as to what we should call ourselves

Here is another archived thread posted by us Kiwis - have a read - it tells you how to leave messages for friends on this site


This is a place where Kiwis can celebrate Adam's awesome success in Aotearoa and talk to their hearts content about Adam or of anything else that is on their mind.

I will endeavour to keep NZ news updated regularly.

Hope you enjoy your time with us:)



Thanks to CaroleS and many others who bumped our request posts until RCA ED finally took notice and action!!! Great to see our flag flying high and proud! :)




13 Sept listings:

IIHY down 6 to #26 (14th week on chart - peaked at #7)

FYE album down 13 to #26 (33/36 weeks in top 40 – peaked at #5)

Only a matter of time before we see FEVER on the NZ charts too - hopefully this time all the way to the top!

WWFM no longer in top 40 (peaked at #4)

FYE Single no longer in top 40 (peaked at #10) *********************************************************************************
















ADAM INTERVIEWED ON CAMPBELL LIVE 5th March 2010 (broadcast while he was in Australia on promo tour)







VOTING for ADAM on THE EDGE RADIO STATION - 4 different ways

BY THEIR WEBSITE http://www.theedge.co.nz/

1. You need to register first. Then,

2. On the NOW PLAYING, click on VOTE.

3. In the TOP 20 LIST, scroll down to find IIHY.

4. Click on IIHY and then click Vote

(Says you have to choose 5 songs to vote, but I only choose Adam!!)


BY TEXTING to 3343 the following words:

Voting for Adam Lambert - If I Had You for tonite's countdown (or words to that effect)

(texts may cost up to 50 cents per text)



@TheEdgeNZ Voting for Adam Lambert - If I Had You for tonite's countdown (or words to that effect)


08008433343 (0800THEEDGE)


VOTING for ADAM on ZM RADIO STATION - 4 different ways

BY THEIR WEBSITE http://www.zmonline.com

1. Click on ZM20

2. Find IIHY and click on box.

3. Scroll down and enter name, email, DOB, location - (these are compulsory, ph no. is not)

4. Click on vote.


BY TEXTING to 9696 the following words:

Voting for Adam Lambert - If I Had You for tonite's countdown (or words to that effect)

(texts may cost up to 50 cents per text)



@ZMonline Voting for Adam Lambert - If I Had You for tonite's countdown (or words to that effect)


0800 342596 (800DIALZM)


WORDLE MONTAGE of Kiwi fans listed as at 17 December 2009




OUR VERY OWN LITTLE KIWI - to the tune of MW (Gary Jules) - I'm still looking for Adam's version


TUI BILLBOARD ADS for ADAM! - Monster and Jorgia's creative minds at work




The LamberLounge is also VERY FORTUNATE to have a RESIDENT ARTIST - who is willing to share her talents wth us. Thank you, MonsterMovie!




GLOBERT FAN PROJECT (see Pg 10 for Monster, Jorgia, suss, colachick, cmr nz01 and CaroleS) - given to ADAM, via Scott on 14 August 2009 Go Mom4Music

http://www.singaporeglamberts.com/blog/?p=211 - Scroll down to The Globerts Project Updated Version


WORLD CLOCK - adamrules - I hope you don't mind that I copied this link from your kitchen thread For New Zealand/Aotearoa time, look for AUCKLAND



International visitors are most warmly welcome. 70 of you have visited us - some more than once - and we welcome you all. The more the merrier!


So here we are in all our glory:


#1=CaroleS (Wellington)

#1=Steffir - Creator of 'LamberKiwis' title (Dunedin)

#3 adamisking (Wellington)

#4 Suss (Wellington)

#5 anitawanita (Auckland)

#6 jenz (Oamaru)

#7 Isla Sands

#8 nzsagemaker (Hamilton)

#9 Adams_kelly (Blenheim)

#10 adamlambertisanangel

#11 katem (Dunedin)

#12 trishnz

#13 LongLiveLambert-International Honorary LamberKiwi - she snuck in

#14 MonsterMovie (Auckland)

#15 colachick (Auckland)

#16 Adamlv

#17 JorgiaFromDownUnder (Auckland)

#18 delicado (Dunedin)

#19 RubifromNewZealand (Auckland)

#20 coldcorona (Auckland)

#21 SouthernMinion (Christchurch)

#22 Maree - Creator of Waving From New Zealand Thread in OT where most of us met

#23 lila_bet (Wellington)

#24 LadyVivianne (Christchurch)

#25 nolifeb4adam

#26 fantail-nz (Auckland)

#27 Aqua (Auckland)

#28 apricot

#29 samsam2198

#30 LedZealand

#31 appleofadamsi

#32 Kiwitrace (New Plymouth)

#33 CMR NZ01 (Wellington)

#34 Lambertized (Auckland)

#35 Glambert7586

#36 SamtraNZ

#37 Unee

#38 Outathablu

#39 Greo

#40 totgirl

#41 Gritz

#42 Aki Rd

#43 SilverFern

#44 Adamgirlfriend

#45 Whitexsnow

#46 i_love_Adam_Lambert

#47 Ingrid Hofland

#48 hine100

#49 JessB

#50 DianneHill

#51 KerryWhiteman

#52 rstfoo

#53 CarissaeighAL

#54 LastontheAdamW

#55 rescogitans

#56 lisai (Christchurch)

#57 luffpinc

#58 musicloveralaar

#59 blueapples03

#60 MowgliBear

#61 mactrix1

#62 Lambington

#63 GeorgiaS (Auckland)

#64 honeybean

#65 TheWickedEnd (Wellington)

#66 Adam_Addict

#67 Eri9

#68 Katy.

#69 p_pebbles

#70 8cats2dogs2fish

#71 gypsy queen

#72 Kristywallace

#73 KiwiZephyr

#74 entertained

#75 gemmalambertxox

#76 Looga.LOVES.Adam

#77 StrangeDivine


International Honorary LamberKiwis - - thanks for waving! Wave times NZ time

#100 adamrules (Can) - Kitchen Knight Extraordinaire 2009

#100 ihaveitbadforadam - (US) - Kitchen Knight Extraordinaire 20092009ihaveitbadforadam

#101 CherelleDay (US) waved 22 May

#102 BernadineS (Aus) waved 22 May

#103 MesmerizedbyAdam (Can) waved 24 May

#104 rock_lover69 (Fiji) waved 25 May

#105 ADAMROCKSMYWORLD (US) waved 26 May

#106 ZGlambertFan (US - ex AI forum) waved 26 May

#107 Nurul. (Singapore) waved 28 May

#108 granny159 (US) waved 31 May

#109 danishmodern (US) waved 31 May

#110 SpectralMoonbeams (US) waved 3 June

#111 Carina (Denmark) waved 4 June

#112 AdamFighter (US) - Kitchen Knight waved 10 June

#113 RobynGlambert (Aus) waved 13 June

#114 jadoreadam (US) waved 16 June

#115 Glambert 2689 (US) waved 20 June

#116 lindajean139 (US) waved 22 June

#117 nan276 (US) waved 7 July

#118 WindyAdamLambert (Can) waved 15 July

#119 MayMirabella (US) waved 17 July

#120 Lauren_Lambert (US) waved 17 July

#121 The real blakkrrox (Aus) waved 19 July

#122 Ĥðţforąđąm (US) waved 20 July

#123 AdamsRockGoddess (US) waved 24 July

#124 Blueberry62 (UK) waved 24 July

#125 Adamsbest (Singapore) waved 24 July

#126 PCMom (US) waved from a mountaintop @ 7 000 feet 25 July

#127 Glitter Fairy Rising (US) waved 29 July

#128 confessor (Canada) waved 31 July

#129 jellibeanz3737 (US) waved 31 July

#130 ullid1 (US) waved 1 August

#131 AlyssaLovesAdam (US) waved 3 August

#132 ellie loves adam (UK) waved 3 August

#133 Truth Fairy (US) waved 14 August

#134 sue-in-la (US) waved 15 August

#135 removed

#136 Sir Zak (UK) waved 27 August

#137 gradam1 (US) waved 3 September

#138 hkking (US - orig from Hong Kong) waved 3 September

#139 enamoredgirl (US) waved 8 September

#140 paperrosie (US) waved 11 September

#141 pųşĉħł♫:(US) waved 13 September

#142 sunshine1 (US) waved 20 September

#143 Weezle (US) waved 22 September

#144 AdamIsTheWorldIdol (US) waved 27 September

#145 ﮱfęęţčħįĉķﻭ (Can) waved 6 Oct

#146 adamsdabomb (US) waved 9 Oct

#147 RockGJacquetakaSpikey (US) waved 15 Oct

#148 Mike Stand (US) waved 16 Oct

#149 Azure Rain (US) waved 17 Oct

#150 Dunsa (Hong Kong) waved 18 Oct

#151 Andree (Can) waved 18 Oct

#152 santabillie (US) waved 18 Oct

#153 Athena (US) waved 21 Oct

#154 Adam δai ζuki: (Japan) waved 22 Oct

#155 astral.connection (UK) waved 26 Oct

#156 dashia (Malaysia) waved 27 Oct

#157 Canadian Rose (Can) waved 27 Oct

#158 njoy00 (US) waved to us 27 Oct

#159 Mercury50 (Singapore) waved 29 Oct and revisited us on 6 Nov to give us this link to her/his namesake http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0G_ZuBGD-0 Thank you Mercury50.

#160 Şĥąđŏŵļęŷ (US) waved 30 Oct

#161 milkywayfairy (Can) waved 4 Nov

#162 lulunmisu (US) waved 7 Nov

#163 nuuskamuikkunen (Finland) waved 8 Nov

#164 Baybabe (US) waved 15 Nov

#165 skylarvon waved 22 Nov

#166 avonjon (US) waved 24 Nov

#167 LemonPie (South Africa) waved 29 Nov

#168 noxzemagirl007 (US) waved 4 Dec

#169 Moemoezhot4AL (US) waved 4 Dec

#170 BLPS (US) waved 5 Dec

#171 MrsAdamLambert (Aus) waved 6 Jan 2010

#172 rodca (US) waved 13 Jan

#173 AdamCrazy101 (US) waved 20 Mar 2010

#174 Glitterer Jordan (US) waved 5 July 2010

#175 Glamberttt (Finland) waved 6 July 2010

#176 NENETHSKI (US) waved 6 July 2010

#177 sandi804: (US) waved 6 July 2010



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CaroleS has retired as OP so I'm attempting to set up new thread as OP......... this is uncharted territory for me, taking over a thread of this magnitude so hope you hang around! :D

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I am amazed and humbled that you were able to keep all the links etc of Adam's appearances and performances in your OP. Thank you so much!

I shall send out emails to those Kiwis I know to let them know.

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No problem - I'm quite excited by it all!

However I will have very limited computer access over the weekend as I'll be away - may get a chance to check in, but I can't guarantee it....

Thanks for your support - I just love this forum where I can feel "normal" rather than "crazy" for being so obsessive about BB!

Edge just asked for requests - do you think I should request WWFM again? hehe


What happens with the old Lamberkiwis thread? Keep it as is? Will "die a natural death" ? (nothing personal lol)

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:) No offence taken re your comment about the old LamberKiwis thread :D:D

I'll post a comment in it now and also change the title with your new thread link directly below, so people will see it.

I have also sent off emails to Jorgia, katem, adamisking, colachick, islasands and steffir letting them know of the change, and I included your new link in the email. You might just have to keep an eye out :)

Whenever non kiwis (new to our thread) have posted in our thread I have usually added them to our international list of visitors :) and sometimes when I am browsing the Members online, I spot a Kiwi who is not in our list, so I just add them to it!

Have a great weekend! I'm off to kayak the Rangitikei River :)

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Thanks Carole. I have copied your email......

you & Jorgia and sometimes Katem are the ones who seem to regulary post here, but will keep an eye out for the others.

Have fun kayaking!!!! Jealous LOVE kayaking! - I have to work, (but it's work I enjoy so not too bad) Have a great weekend, hope to see you on here soon! :)

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Hi Eri - regular posters in the recent past have been cmr, Jorgia, katem, MonsterMovie and colachick (Lisa). Back in May/June when I was first on the site, Steff and adamisking were also regulars. adamisking has popped back every now and then. But good also to see new posters on this site :) Have a great weekend! And again, thanks for taking over the reins :)

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Hello, I am not a Kiwi but I was wondering if you heard if Adam is visiting? I figure if he is in the UK in April and Singapore in April/May (all verified now -see other threads), perhaps you will get him in May/June?

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We sure do miss her, don't we!

Eri - hope you see this - I was just scrolling thru our international visitors list and realised I had missed off ihaveitbadforadam - I can't understand why I missed her because she always used to bump us every night while we were sleeping back in 2009. Would you mind editing the OP and adding her in beside #100 - adamrules - call them kitchen knights extraordinaire. I'm just emailing some of the kitchen posters to let them know of the change. I'll keep my nose out of it from now on - promise!! :)

@exredhead - there was a little rumour going around that Adam would be at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney in February - guess we shall wait and see, but he sure would have a blast if he went to it!

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Hey exredhead, good to hear from you!

No news re a tour here yet, but can't put into words how much I want to see him LIVE!!!!!

I think that he'll probably only come here when (NOT if) he tours Australia - that seems to be the way things work with major tours - it isn't very often overseas artists come here without going to Aussie as well.

His album isn't officially released in Australia til early March, I think, so it may take a while - once they see how well he does over there.

I'll follow him on his tour down under as much as $$ will allow!

Grrrrr.......Patience .........so NOT my best quality!!!!!! :D

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Of course, it would give me an excuse to come down under:) I wanted to go to Australia during the Olympics but it didn't happen. Looked like a fun party! Oh yeah and the athletes were great too:)

It seems you guys are much more relaxed than folks in the States...must be the beaches, the beauty, the ?

My friend went to Australia and saw the two dudes that do the Upside Down Show (she has two kids - as do I), but while my kids also enjoy the show, I would not do that when there is so much to do there? To each...his/her own.

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Hi CaroleS.... have been wanting to email you this last week but run short of time in the evening and even very little time on AO. You will surely enjoy your kayaking and trust the rest of your holiday goes well and fares better weatherwise ..... oh did someone say something about summer..... have we had a summer this year, I don't believe so!!!

Have noted the changes above re new OP, Eri for the lounge. I often read but do not always post when I visit. Have fun Eri!


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Carole - I have done as you asked (I hope - please check!) and please feel free to keep your nose here! :D LOL

I feel honoured that you asked me to take over OP

If (no WHEN) Adam tours - us Lamberkiwi regulars should hook up for the concert - who knows what collective "fan-power" might achive??!!

(Dreaming about a meet-and-greet for Adam's biggest Kiwi fans :) )

Not sure I'd survive the experience, but I'm willing to risk it! :D:D

exredhead - where did you read NZ/Singapore tour? OMG that would be Adamazing!

Sorry, getting carried away with smileys again.... resisting urge to put in another one!

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Gosh - I DON'T WANT TO START RUMORS. Here is what I know: a UK tour was sent to Adam fans for an April performance. Singapore has also seen some verification published for an April/May Adam promotion (also a performance). These threads are located on the first page tonight. I don't think either is a FULL CONCERT...just some kind of promotional push with some songs performed. Perhaps, they will verify this for us soon on AO.

In another thread, I was on one night, someone was telling me it was fairly common for concert acts to go from Singapore to NZ (or vice-versa). So, I was just making a guess if he is in the UK, than, Singapore, where would he go next?

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Just love those smileys

:);):(:D }:):P :0 :? 8) :jawdrop: :sick:

Thanks for adding in ihaveit, but would you mind amending the list so it reads like this:

#100 adamrules (Can) - Kitchen Knight Extraordinaire 2009

#100 ihaveitbadforadam - (US) - Kitchen Knight Extraordinaire 2009

Thank you :) I'm a teacher by profession, not that you would guess! And now I will butt out :)

OK, I'm out of here for the night, but want to say thanks once again, Eri!

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We should hook up if he puts on a show here!!! (im sorry when.. be it a year a month a century) and ill bring along my glambert friend :)

In re to exredhead Usually NZ is the last place anyone goes because we are kind of out the way so we are the last stop.

Even if its just a promo tour internationally that would be awesome..

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I recently received a tweet from Aussie fan that Adam MAY possibly travel to Australia in March - not for a tour but to promote his album there. Nothing definite stated about that but I asked to be kept informed of dates if announced.


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Well that order would make sense starting with you first, than to Singapore, than to UK?

Actually, I think the record has been well received down there and I also think Adam want to go there so...here's hoping for you guys:)

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