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The Portuberts - Fan list from Portugal

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Hello everybody!

It's 2 minutes to midnight here in Portugal. I'm almost starting to celebrate Adam's birthday!!!!

And this is my birthday gift for Adam! I'm starting a fan list from Portugal. I know we're just a few here but I wanted to do this anyway!!

So let's start it!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Adam!!!!

--------------- The Portuberts!

#1 - just_smile

#2 - Adamfun

#3 - Natashasp

#4 - aikinuh

#5 - beshakinski

#6 - mmalegria

#7 - milkywayfairy

#8 - Johny296

#9 - Catarina

#10 - AdamPTfan

#11 - RitaPow

#12 - soffia

#13 - iantunes

#14 - eduarda


Vote for Adam at Top 40 Cidade FM

1. Go to http://cidadefm.clix.pt/shows/top40/vote.asp

2. Check to check box for Adam Lambert

3. At the bottom of the page, click on the purple box "Enviar"


Vote for Adam at Rádio Comercial

1. Go to http://radiocomercial.clix.pt/tnt/index.html

2. Click on Adam Lambert number until it gets red

3. At the bottom of the page, click on the red box "Votar"


Vote for Adam at MTV Hit List

1. Go to http://www.mtv.pt/mtvhitlist/

2. Click on the pink box "participar com o meu voto!" (above the list)

3. Choose WWFM

4. At the bottom of the page click on the pink box "este é o meu voto"


Vote for Adam at Mega FM

(you have to be registered on the site to be able to vote)

1. Go to http://www.mega.fm/web10.aspx'>http://www.mega.fm/web10.aspx

2. If Adam is not on their top10 list, choose "Mais artistas";

3. Click "Votar" on Adam Lambert "Whataya Want From Me""

4. Confirm it again by clicking "Votar" again


FYE video at MTV Portugal



Contact portuguese radio stations to play Adam's songs


website: http://www.mega.fm

email: mail@mega.fm (Lisboa) / porto@mega.pt (Porto) / coimbra@mega.pt (Coimbra)


See WWFM video here: www.mega.fm/detalhe.aspx?did=5304 (click on "videos" above the 3 photos)

Listen a bit of WWFM here: www.mega.fm/detalhe.aspx?did=5326


website: www.rfm.pt

email: mail@rfm.pt

twitter: RFM_radio

Radio Comercial

website: radiocomercial.clix.pt

email: marketing@radiocomercial.clix.pt

twiiter: Radio_Comercial


website: ww1.rtp.pt/antena3

twitter: RTP_Antena3


Portuguese fans' websites



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It's a good ideia. I like the name. Yes we are few but very decidid! And we have done our choice. ADAM! Happy birthday for him and have a good day all of you Glamberts. Time in Portugal, 01,30 AM!

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I know I'm a bit late 'cause I only joined the group a few minutes ago.

However, congrats for creating this fan list and Happy Birthday Adam!

I was never obsessed by any musician but now it seems I just can't stop listening to his songs! they are so different and catchy!

Let us hope he'd come to Portugal to do a great concert!

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Some one please tell me if they are playing Adam on Portuguese Radio yet? When I was there on vacation this past summer, no one in Portugal had heard of Adam yet. I told all my friends and family how awesome he was and introduced them to him via youtube performances on American Idol. Many of my family members are muscians and singers and they related immediately and saw how extremely talented Adam is. I told them at the time to keep an eye out for this performer called Adam Lambert, because he is going to be an international success!!!

At that time radio stations were playing Lady Gaga, Kesha. Muse etc. I was also very pleasantly surprised to see American Idol airing on Portuguese TV station one evening. I just about died!!!. Of course I had already seen the show where I live in Canada when it first aired and had already seen Adam in Concert on August 11th.

I fondly remember, as I was getting ready to go out for dinner with cousins.I happened to see on TV them annoucning that American Idol was going to be on next. Lucky for me the restaurant was next door,to where I was staying and I asked the owner if he would please change the TV station from soccer to the AMERICAN IDOL show. I was so excited I made a big scene at the restaurant and all the other guessed were curiously watching me and the TV as well. lol.

I have since had the pleasure to meet Adam in person as I went to New York City to be at the "early show". He is so beautiful in person and so friendly. He gave me a big embrace. and his autograph. I'm still in the clouds, never to be normal again!!!

So please give me Adam news from Portugal. Have there been any magazine articles? is he on the Radio? Are the record stores selling his debut album FYE? OBRIGADA!!

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HI beshakinski!

FYE is not for sale in stores here...I just found a website where we can buy it but not in real stores...

I've tweeted radio stations to play Adam's music but I think they just ignored me :( I've also tweeted the organization of the Rock in rio Lisboa (a music festival happening in May) trying to bring Adam to Portugal.

I don't know any portuguese that listen to Adam... It's a sad fact...The only portuguese fans I "know", are the ones that are here at Adam Official. I've tried to make people listen to Adam but they just say "he has a good voice" and then they forget him... Even my mom hates my Adam obsession...

I don't read a lot of magazines. Don't know if he's ever appeared in articles. All I know is that in a portuguese TV website they've written that Adam's performance at AMA was controversial...

So...this is not good news from Portugal. Hope someday things will be better for our boy here.

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Yes that's that. Infortunelly! Portugal ignores Adam (I think the most part of people didn't saw AI) and I hardly try to speak with people who likes music and They don't know Adam and his music, personality, and so one. I don't Know when it will be change. Maybe not so far....

I think we, The Portuberts, are in Portugal a very very "strange" people. Well, we can't discourage! Do what it's possible helping Adam stay in the top. But yes, sometimes, I myself feel a litle bit sad....


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OH MY GOODNESS!! Portugal, wake up!

Let us not give up hope, when Adam starts his European tour and playing on other European radio stations then Portugal will listen for sure. I will ask my people in the Acores if Adam's songs are being played on the radio!!!

Are you telling me that you can not buy Adam's CD anywhere in Lisbon. Not even in the most popular record stores?? This needs to change soon!!

Alerta Portugal!!

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Alerta Portugal....

But CD, radios, TV, etc., all ignores Adam's existence.

I don't know when it will be change.....

In there I, myself, sometimes feel like a UFO.....

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