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The Adventures of Adam and Kris Part 1

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I decided to start a new story, since the other one was having some issues with the storyline. Anyway, this is about Adam and Kris during American idol, none of it is true (i think). But anyway, i know i'm not the best writer so please don't complain about my writing skills. Tell me what you think!

The Adventures of Kris and Adam

At the front of the American Idol tryout lines, Adam stood quietly, his hands shaking apprehensively at his sides. He could hardly believe it, his whole life had been leading up to this moment and here it was. Only two minutes, and his audition would be taking place, he could hardly move. But he had to, this was his last chance. He had ditched college and Broadway for this, he couldn’t give up now.

“Adam Lambert?” Someone called.

Adam froze, and took a deep breath then stepped forward. He had to go, last chance…

He stepped into the room and took another deep breath. At the table with the judges was Paula, Simon, and Randy, the best talent finding people in the country. If he could please them, he could please anybody.

“So what’s your name kid?” They asked.

Adam took a deep breath and stepped farther forward, trying to hide his shaking hands. “Adam Lambert sirs… and lady.”

Paula laughed. “Such a polite boy. Anyway… let’s see what you’ve got. Play us out a tune.”

Adam nodded. “Okay… Um…. The first thing I’d like to sing is Bohemian Rhapsody.”

“Sounds good.”

Adam took a final deep breath, his heart was beginning to fall to his stomach. ‘Come on, you can do this.’ Adam thought. He forced the first few shaky lines of Bohemian Rhapsody out of his mouth and froze. But in a minute he jumped to the chorus and forced the highest note he could out of his throat and sang out high and strong. But he didn’t stop there, he held that note and forced it on and on, as if he were holding on for dear life. And after he was finished with it he finished the song and waited for the judges to respond.

At first, they were unable to speak, but soon Simon found some words and said something about theatrical.

That hurt Adam a little bit, but he wasn’t sure if it was a complaint or a complement. He honestly needed to find out.

“Was I that bad?” Adam asked, his heart as far down in his gut as it would go.

The judges shook their heads, especially Paula, who’s mouth was hanging open. But Randy was the first to speak. He said. “No, actually you have a really good voice, a little theatrical but good. What did you say your name was kid?”

“Adam Lambert sir.” Adam responded.

Randy nodded. “Well Adam you’re going to Hollywood!”

After the first few weeks of American Idol passed, Adam was pretty sure he was close to heaven. He was living his dream and the judges had had some form of mercy on him. And actually, he kind of liked the criticism. It helped him maintain his decent performances and keep striving for the higher goal. The only thing that could have made it better was getting to stay on the show long enough to get to move into the American Idol mansion.

And that’s exactly what he did. Each week he sang his heart out, and thought only of his future in the nice sunny house on the top of the hill. And when he was finally able to move in he could hardly contain his excitement and get his suitcase inside…

“Will you be needing anything else sir?” One of employees asked.

Adam shook his head and picked up his suitcase excitedly. “No, but thank you though. Oh wait! Where did you say my room was?”

“On the top floor sir, in room 202.” The man responded.

“Thank you.” Adam said. He ran up the stairs as fast as he could, then forced the key through the hole and entered his room. It was a nice little place, with large windows, and lots of sunlight streaming in, with a couch in the center, and a table with chairs on the outside. It was perfect!

“Oh my gosh this is amazing!” Adam cried out. He dropped his suitcase on the floor and ran straight to the balcony, gazing at the view down below. A lovely view of the ocean and all of Hollywood. Perfect! If only this moment could last forever… He ran from the balcony and jumped on top of the couch and began slightly bouncing. The couch was amazing! It was the perfect amount of bounce along with a comfortable place to sit and possible a napping place. Oh! And he had almost forgotten about the beds, where were they?

Adam glanced around the room and noticed a large king sized bed, with white blankets and white sheets along with a blue pillow and an extra blanket. It was beautiful. He had never seen such nice things in his whole life!

“Oh my gosh this is amazing!” Adam cried out. He jumped on the bed and began bouncing on it like a small child in a bouncy castle. Well… at least until the employee came in and told him he was disrupting the other people of the house. But even after that, he didn’t really stop; just bounced quieter…

“Excuse me sir, what should I do with these bags of yours?” The employee asked.

Adam shrugged and bounced excitedly on his bed, trying not to fall off. “I don’t know… how about you just leave them there? I’ll put them away when I’m ready.”

“Sir please, we have other guests coming into this room.” The man said.

Adam looked up excitedly and stopped bouncing. “What? Really? A guest for me? That is so cool! Who are they? When are they coming in?”

“About right now.” The employee said tiredly. He pointed to the hall and motioned to a strange young man walking in.

He was about Adam’s age except a little smaller, with brown hair, dark eyes, and a small beard growing from his chin. He was also carrying a guitar and a beat up suitcase with a name on it that probably wasn’t his. A bit odd…

“Oooh you’re here!” Adam said excitedly. He ran over to the man and awkwardly hugged him, not bothering to introduce himself.

The man laughed acceptingly and put down his suitcase. “Well, at least it’s nice to know I’ll be getting along with my roommate. By the way, I’m Kris, Kris Allen.”

“Oooh Kris Allen, that’s a nice name. By the way, my name’s Adam, Adam Lambert. And by the way again did you know they have a coffee maker in here? I thought they only had those in coffee shops. They’re so cool! Oh and did you try the beds? They’re super bouncy! Wanna try?” Adam asked excitedly.

Kris raised an eyebrow suspiciously and laughed. “Did you try the coffee yet?”

Adam nodded. “Uh huh, I’ve had like four cups! Omgs it was so good! By the way you should try some, it’s really good, did I tell you it’s good? Omgs it was so good! Did you try the beds yet? They’re so bouncy! Did you try the coffee? Try the coffee it’s so good!”

“Okay okay, I think I get the message, I’ll try some coffee.” Kris laughed. He took a sip of some and nodded. “Wow this really is good. Where did you find it?”

“I don’t know.” Adam laughed. “It was on the counter, and the nice man who keeps trying to help me with my suitcase showed it to me. Omgs it’s amazing!” He took a large gulp of his coffee, then began jumping up and down on the bed.

The employee, who was still moving the suitcases walked over nervously to them and looked at Adam. “Excuse me but aren’t you supposed to be not jumping on the bed?” He asked.

Adam smiled innocently and sat down on the bed. “What jumping? I didn’t do any jumping.”

“Sure.” The man said. He turned to Kris and pointed to Adam. “I can move you if you want. This kid’s a little nuts I think.”

Kris shook his head and looked at Adam. “No, I think I’ll stay here. He may seem a little odd but I think he’ll be a good roommate. And if he drives me crazy, oh well, it’ll be fun at least.”

The man shrugged and looked at Adam. “Suit yourself…” He picked up the dirty coffee cups and left the room, leaving Adam and Kris alone.

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