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An Adison Christmas Chapter 1 (Adison)

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Author's Notes: Hey Adison fans and shippers! I've written a special Christmas fanfic about Adam and Allison just in time for Christmas. This story is a two-chapter oneshot divided into two parts. So please read, vote and comment whenever you can! (Adam is not gay and Allison is not married to her Halo Circus band member Matthew in this story. Sorry Adommy and Saulbert shippers, this story is not for you because this is going to be an Adison Christmas-themed fanfic!)

Chapter 1: Christmas Eve

It was a cold and dark day in The City of Los Angeles, Allison and Adam were preparing for their Christmas Eve party with their families at their house. The Lamberts and Irahetas gathered together to help Leila and Eber's older son and Carlos, Sr. and Sara to help their daughter, their youngest child to celebrate the season and getting into the Christmas spirit. Adam's brother Neil hung up and filled up both his brother's and his brother's girlfriend's stockings above the blazing fireplace while Allison's brother and sister Carlos, Jr. and Jackie were making and baking different shapes of Christmas cookies in the kitchen at the same time. They also heard a lot of Christmas music playing on the radio.

"Oh my gosh," Allison smiled, just as she was putting her presents for Adam underneath their decorated Christmas tree. "Adam, this will be the best Christmas ever."

"I definitely agree with you, Allie," Adam replied, as he was also putting his presents for Allison right next to the ones she gave him under the tree. Also some of them from their families right by theirs. "Like you said, 'This will be the best Christmas ever'."

Allison laughed. "I know. I can't wait until we open our presents tomorrow morning."

"Me too," Adam agreed.

Neil finished hanging up and stuffing his brother's and his brother's girlfriend's stockings above the fireplace. He said, "Whoa, I couldn't believe that you both can't wait until tomorrow morning to open your presents."

"Yes we will," Allison and Adam smirked in unison. Adam then kissed Allison on the cheek.

"Uh huh, and tomorrow evening we're all having Christmas dinner at Mom's house. Both of our families will be there," Neil told Adam.

"Of course, bro," Adam responded. "Can you go check up on Carlos, Jr. and Jackie in the kitchen for a moment?"

"Yeah sure. I bet those Christmas cookies they're making will taste pretty darn good."

Neil then stepped into the kitchen. He wanted to make sure that the cookies being made by Jackie and Carlos, Jr. weren't ruined and burned in the oven. "Neil, they look fine to us," Jackie smiled.

"And not to mention they're not ruined and burned but they're fine after my sister and I took them out of the oven," Carlos, Jr. informed. "Now we need to decorate them and see what we all think."

"Thanks for letting me check on them for you for a moment," Neil added.

"Oh you're welcome, Neil," Carlos, Jr. and Jackie informed in unison.

"I must get back to work helping my brother and his girlfriend."

"No problem."

Jackie and Carlos, Jr. went to go decorate every Christmas cookie they've baked and took out of the oven. Meanwhile, Leila and Sara walked into the house with bags full of groceries, mostly snacks and drinks as Leila said, "I'm hoping that we got a bunch of appetizers and snacks that our kids needed for tonight's Christmas Eve party."

"Yes indeed, Leila," Sara smiled. Then she and Leila took out the stuff from out of the bags.

"Here's some jalapeño poppers, mozzarella sticks, bite-sized spinach and feta triangles, potato chips, onion dip, tortilla chips, medium salsa, guacamole and spinach dip in a bread bowl with pretzel bagel snacks and finally some buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing dip," Leila described.

"We also got some drinks such as Diet Pepsi in 2-liter bottles, some egg nog, fruit punch, and 2-liter bottles of Coke Zero right here," Sara added.

Eber and Carlos, Sr. walked in.

"That's a lot of food and drinks you've bought here for the party," Eber grinned.

"I guess we need to pop the frozen appetizer snacks into the oven right now since my oldest and middle child are done baking Christmas cookies in the kitchen also for the party," Carlos, Sr. said.

"Oh yeah," Sara added towards Leila. "They're all done according to them and your other son Neil."

"I heard but we also went to pick up paper plates, plastic cups and napkins so that everyone can put their food and drinks altogether on one plate and in a cup," Leila informed. "Just to make sure we all have everything altogether at once. And we also got everything we needed while us parents got at the store for the families' Christmas Eve party that Adam and Allison are throwing tonight."

"Perfect. Let's put the frozen snacks onto a baking sheet and into the oven," Eber informed. "And then by the time we take them out of the oven, we'll be getting the Christmas Eve party started."

"Good idea, Eber," Carlos, Sr. told him. "While Leila and Sara will put the crunchy snacks and dips on the side."

"I agree," Eber replied.

"Adam," Leila said, turning to her older son. "You and Allison need our help. Can you please take this fold up table from near the back door and tablecloth right into the living room with you near the Christmas tree?" she asked.

"Yes, Mom," Adam called out back after he and Allison were hearing his mother calling him.

"We'll be right there, Ms. Lambert," Allison responded. "Just give us a second, okay?"


Carlos, Sr. and Eber went to get a fresh baking sheet from right next to the oven to put the frozen appetizer snacks on it altogether and the buffalo wings on another one and placed them separately into the oven. Meanwhile, Adam and Allison walked into the kitchen to get a fold up table from near the back door and then Leila handed Adam the Christmas tree tablecloth that he and Allison needed.

"Thanks, Mom," Adam told his mother. "We need that at once."

"We needed this table to put the food and drinks on there once we put it out there," Allison agreed.

"No problem, kids," Leila informed. Adam and Allison smiled as they placed the folded table into the living room up on the floor. Then they both grabbed the ends of the tablecloth and placed it down neatly on the unfolded table.

"Hey, bro, can you go help Mom with the dips, crunchy snacks and drinks and put them right here on this table with us right before Dad and Allison's dad take out the baked oven appetizers out onto a plate with us?" Adam asked.

"Sure," Neil said and nodded. He then went to walk into the kitchen to help his brother and his brother's girlfriend to place the food on plates and in bowls. First he started putting potato chips into a bowl, taking it along with the onion dip and placed it down onto the tablecloth covered fold up table.

Meanwhile, Adam and Allison then went to grab the spinach bread bowl dip while Neil also placed the bagel chips into another bowl. Adam grabbed the bowl full of bagel chips as well as Allison picked up the spinach dip bread bowl and they placed it right next to the potato chip bowl and onion dip. Jackie and Carlos, Jr. finished decorating their Christmas cookies as they volunteered to help their sister, her boyfriend and his brother bring them out on a Christmas cookie plate into the living room and onto the table.

"Do you mind if we volunteer to help you guys out?" Jackie asked.

"No, I don't mind," Neil replied.

"No problem," Carlos, Jr. added. "Now let's continue to help Adam and Allison get the rest of the stuff and the rest of the food out here."

"Gotcha," Neil laughed. He then went with his brother and his brother's girlfriend went to get the salsa in a small bowl and guacamole in another one and placed the tortilla chips in another big bowl before bringing them out onto the table next to the potato chips, onion dip and Christmas cookies. While waiting for the appetizers to be finished in the oven, the five children then went to go grab the napkins, plates, cups and drinks and placed them over with the crunchy snacks and dips. But when the hot appetizers were done in the oven, the parents in the kitchen wait for them to cool down and place them on a huge plate with blue cheese dressing dip in a cup for the buffalo wings. Leila decided to bring the huge plate of hot snacks out onto the table into the living room while the rest of the parents watched.

"Thanks for helping us out," Adam and Allison said. The others nodded and agreed. "Now, let's all get our Christmas Eve party started," they continued.

"Whatever you say, son," Eber said to his older son Adam.

"No problem," Adam's brother Neil added.

"Allie, I know this is going to be so festive!" Sara grinned.

"So, why don't we grab some food to eat, sing Christmas carols and open one present just for tonight but Allie and I will open the rest of them tomorrow morning?" Adam asked.

"I think it sounds like a great idea, Adam," Allison replied to her boyfriend's question.

The Lamberts and Irahetas gathered to grab some food and beverage all on one plate and in a cup to eat and drink at every each time. By the time they were finished, they started to sit down and sing some Christmas carols as Adam went to go and turn off the radio for them to concentrate on their singing.

Silent night

Holy night

All is calm

All is bright

Round yon virgin

Mother and child

Holy infant

So tender and mild

Sleep in heavenly peace

Sleep in heavenly peace

After they finished "Silent Night", they moved onto "Jingle Bells".

Dashing through the snow

In a one-horse open sleigh

Ore the fields we go

Laughing all the way

Bells up hop to ring

Making spirits bright

But what fun it is to laugh and sing

A sleighing song tonight

Oh Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Jingle all the way

Oh what fun it is to ride

In a one-horse open sleigh

Hey Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Jingle all the way

All what fun it is to ride

In a one-horse open sleigh

The families sang all the Christmas carols, and they finish it off with one more, "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year

Good tidings we bring to you and your kin

Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year

They all cheered and clapped their hands as their Christmas caroling was complete. "Thanks for singing along with us," Adam smiled, towards both families.

Allison added, "Adam and I want to thank you for joining us in our Christmas caroling." Adam kissed her on the cheek.

"You're welcome," their families responded and agreed.

"What are you and your girlfriend are going to do now, bro?" Neil asked his older brother Adam.

"We're going to open only one present for tonight and we're going to open the rest of them after when we wake up early tomorrow morning," Adam replied.

Jackie looked at the tree with her eyes. She picked up one of Adam's and handed it over to Carlos, Jr. and said, "This one's for Adam I believe, and we bet that he's going to like it."

Allison picked up Adam's present from off her brother's hands. "Here, Adam, this is for you," she said.

"Alright then let's see here," Adam added. He then unwrapped his present and saw what he got. "Wow. Some new cologne for guys like me," he continued and kissed her on the lips. "Thanks, Allie. And I have something for you, too."

He then handed Allison her present. She said before opening it up, "I wonder what you got for me, Adam?"

"You'll see," Adam smiled. "Open it."

Allison opened up her present from Adam. "It's a... it's a... a home pregnancy test."

"Looks like you'll have to take it to find out if you're pregnant with my brother's baby or not," Neil laughed.

"He's right, Allie. Go into the bathroom and take the test," Adam grinned.

"Okay," Allison replied. "If you say so."

Allison walked into the bathroom, opened the box and took the pregnancy test stick from out of it. She then sat down in front of the bathtub waiting for the results to show up as she looked at the stick and took the test. The results then turned up to be positive within minutes later, she walked out of the bathroom with the test results in her hand and showed them to Adam.

"Adam, the results are positive, and that means I'm pregnant! We're going to have a baby!" Allison smiled, just as she rubbed her stomach, hugged and kissed Adam and their families responded with lots of awws and congratulating them.

"I know, Allie. Isn't it great? We're going to become parents for the first time!" Adam responded.

"Congratulations, you two," Carlos, Jr. smiled happily for his little sister and her boyfriend. "Jackie and I are going to become an aunt and uncle for our soon to be niece or nephew."

"Yep, that's right," Jackie agreed.

"And I get to be an uncle like you were to my kid," Neil added, towards Adam.

Adam laughed in return, "You sure will, Neil." He then turned to his parents and said, "Mom and Dad, you're going to become grandparents to me and Allison's kid."

"We know," Leila smiled.

"Let us know if it's a boy or girl," Eber grinned.

"Of course we'll let you know," Adam replied.

"Same with you, too, Mom and Dad," Allison told her parents. They agreed and nodded.

"Same as Adam's parents," Sara said.

"We'll be grandparents too, just like them," Carlos, Sr. added.

A few moments later, Adam and Allison said bye to their siblings and parents just as they were leaving their house. Adam and Allison were so tired as they've spent the entire evening partying with their families on Christmas Eve. They helped each other clean up the living room after their party was over until they decided to go straight to bed so they can get up early in the morning to open their presents underneath their Christmas tree. Then in the afternoon they will go over to Leila's house for more presents and Christmas dinner with the families. After all the clean up they've done, Adam and Allison went straight to bed and drifted off to sleep.

So, what do you think, you guys? Please let me know what you think! The second and last chapter of this story is coming your way!

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I think it's time to leave Adison in the past. Nobody is replying to these threads because, frankly, nobody is interested anymore. It was six long years ago. As Adam has moved on so has the fandom. And so has AO. Fan fic in general has never been all that well tolerated by the AO membership.

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