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June 30/17 - Two Fux 

Adam Lambert's "Two Fux" is now available for streaming and download at https://ad.gt/twofux

"My last project was about the chase. This time I feel the strength of being exactly, unapologetically where I am. I’m standing my ground to inspire my fans to defy the status quo." - AL

iTunes: https://ad.gt/twofuxi
Apple Music: https://ad.gt/twofuxa
Spotify: https://ad.gt/twofuxs
Google Play: https://ad.gt/twofuxg
Amazon: https://ad.gt/twofuxam 




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Wow . . . umm . . . this is sooo hard for me.  I've been loving Adam since 2009, but honestly, releasing a song with the F-Bomb right in the title as a single?  And as a sign of things to come?  I cuss like a sailor with a splinter in her a$$, so there's no prudishness in my game about language, but I cannot get behind this.  Yes, hats off for not giving a DA&% that the song will get no airplay and make no money.  But the sentiment!  Too many people don't give 2 FUX about anyone these days!  That's how we got here!!

But the woes of the world aside - cuz i'm going to go back to that in a second - Adam, let me ask you this - and I'm talking to him as if he'd ever see this, and I hope he does in his mind's eye:  are you selling out on your GIFT and the true magnificence that you are?  I'm not judging you, friend.  To the contrary, I have lifted you up in my thoughts and with my wallet for eight years.  The question I pose to you is one we all must ask ourselves on a regular basis.  

Why am I not hearing that insane voice on the radio - or HEKK - in a small venue - singing something that brings me to tears?  I don't mean you have to sing ballads all day.  But holy SH*T - can we please hear your voice at its fullest, conveying something meaningful, without paying $250 to go to another Queen concert?

Energy is so important, and nothing carries it more efficiently than sound and music.  You talk about inspiring fans to buck the status quo.  Please take your own advice and bring light to the almost uniformly dark and repetitive world of pop music.  Defy the status quo.  The world needs you Adam, and I'm very serious about that.  Please.

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@jiwhit, this is what Adam had to say about title and radio play in a Yahoo Music interview yesterday:


I don’t suppose you care, but is there any concern that this single’s title may prevent it from getting radio or MTV airplay?

I don’t give two f***. [laughs] Streaming services are not censored. That’s all I have to say.


If he's not worried about, I'm not going to worry either :)  We've been hearing/reading for the last couple of years now that streaming is the majority of the music market now, and radio is taking a much smaller share.

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8 hours ago, foxeylady said:

Does playing the music video on youtube count as streaming?

here bb - from the OP

ETA Feb 1st 2016 = why viewing/listening really does help


The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has controversially introduced video and audio streaming equivalents into its Album Award methodology for the first time.

Effective from yesterday (February 1), plays on the likes of YouTube, Vevo, Apple Music and Spotify will count towards the RIAA’s Gold & Platinum (G&P’s) Album Awards.

A quick reminder of the criteria to win such accolades:

  • 500,000 sales (Gold)
  • 1,000,000 sales (Platinum)
  • 2,000,000-plus sales (multi-Platinum)

Here’s the important bit.

The RIAA has said that after ‘a comprehensive analysis of a variety of factors’, it has decided to introducing a new Album Award formula to count towards these Gold and Platinum awards.

  • 1,500 on-demand audio and/or video song streams = 10 track sales = 1 album sale. 


Read more here http://www.musicbusi...lbum-in-the-us/

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18 hours ago, jiwhit said:

You talk about inspiring fans to buck the status quo.  Please take your own advice and bring light to the almost uniformly dark and repetitive world of pop music.  Defy the status quo.  The world needs you Adam, and I'm very serious about that.  Please.

Hi @jiwhit can you please read OUT's interview with Adam on Two Fux https://www.out.com/music/2017/6/30/adam-lambert-stands-his-ground-glam-rock-single-two-fux

Adam IS defying the status quo in the USA right now  (GOP ;) )


What in your life has led to this new state of mind? 

The age has something to do with it. I’ve seen cycles—things come and go, trends happen, movements start. There’s this amazing movement, right now, that has been going on with trans visibility and gender fluidity, and all these things that we’ve been aware of, but the fact that they’re being pushed out to the mainstream and being really addressed—it’s very liberating. I feel like there’s a narrative and a conversation happening about things I’ve always felt strongly about. People are tuning into something that’s very exciting and I feel like I may have a voice in that conversation. 

Why is “Two Fux” a strong introduction to the larger project you’re working on? 

It’s basically a mission statement. That chorus, saying, if you think what I do and how I live is too much, I don’t really give two fucks. You know, the world we’re living in right now is a little scary. There’s a lot of hatred out there and a lot of negativity. Our country’s politically and socially divided. And to be able to put out a song that addresses everything, saying, “Look, you may not like me, but I’m not going to let that take me down. I’m not going to let that ruin my day. I’m going to do me.” I think people want some of those self-strengths. It makes me feel good to listen to it, and hopefully it makes others feel good. It’s not taking itself too serious—the lyrics are ridiculous and silly, and I think it’ll give people a reason to smile."


Can we please keep this thread on topic - supporting Adam on His streaming platforms? Thanks

there is a Two Fux discussion thread on AD hun :)

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7 hours ago, koula said:

Remember stream Two Fux on a playlist not on a loop. 


yes, if you add the same song over n over again on the same playlist. only 1 stream of the song counts ;) (Spotify can detect this - that's why if you do try to add the same song more than once, they ask you if you are sure you want to add it ;) 

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