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Christina Grimmie (1994 - 2016)

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Christina  Grimmie  (1994 - 2016)


Singer, known from the talent contest, the attacker shot herself after the concert.

Then committed suicide
UPDATED 11. 6. 2016

American singer Christine Grimmie man shot herself shortly after the end of Friday's concert in Orlando, Florida. Shooter then committed suicide, police said. The attacker fired on Grimmie when after Friday's concert gave autographs to their fans. Twenty-two Grimmie finished third in a year before the US talent show The Voice broadcast by NBC on YouTube had her recordings of thousands of views.

Orlando (10.06.2016) - Shortly after her Friday concert in Orlando, Florida, was shot dead by American singer Christina Grimmie.

About it informed the local police, according to which the shooter then committed suicide.

Twenty-two singer rose to fame in the talent contest and its recordings on the video channel YouTube has gained thousands of fans. Police crime motive determined.


THE MUSIC TEA @MusicFactsTea

She was just 22. Humainty has hit rock bottom. An innocent talented soul full of dreams was crushed.#RIPChristina

An unidentified man armed with two guns fired at Grimmie when after Friday's concert gave autographs to their fans. Her brother, according to police immediately intervened against the shooter, but he turned one of the weapons against each other.

The concert, which Grimmie performed with the band Before You Exit, ended shortly after ten pm local time (after 4:00 CEST), and the shooting occurred shortly thereafter. Severely wounded singer bested ambulance to the hospital, the doctors but she has failed to help.

According to police, it is not clear what the shooter's motive was or how he managed to infiltrate weapons concert. "We do not know if it was just a crazy fan who watched her on twitter and other social networks," said to media Sergeant Wanda Migli.

According to her, yet it is not even clear how to ensure security performance, which about a hundred people watched. During the autograph session, which interrupted the shooting, according to them he remained in place only a small part. Police commended the hearing the singer's brother, who had prevented the shooter still hurting someone else.

Grimmie finished third in a year before the US talent show The Voice broadcast by NBC. The response had her pop dance songs especially for very young audiences. "We have no words. We have lost a beautiful soul with an amazing voice," they responded to the news of the tragedy on his twitter organizers of the competition.

Author: ČTK




Singer of talent competitions Grimmie shot apparently deranged admirer
12. 6. 2016

Kevin James Loibl, 27 years old, according to investigators singer Christina Grimmie knew only through the media and social networks. The gig went with the intention to kill her away from the town more than 200 kilometers.


Orlando (USA) - twenty-seven, a man who after Friday's concert in Florida shot twenty-two star talent singing contest Christina Grimmie, according to the police was apparently deranged fan. At a concert in Orlando, Florida came armed with two pistols and a knife with the sole purpose to kill her. Personally, while it most likely did not know, says investigators.

Grimmie died on Saturday in hospital after the man later identified by police as Kevin James Loibl shot from close during the autograph session after the concert. "We believe that he came to commit this crime," he said, according to Reuters Orlando Police Chief John Mina.

Loibl came from the city of St.Petersburg, which is distant from Orlando nearly 200 kilometers. According to investigators, the singer apparently knew only through social networking sites or television competition The Voice on NBC, in which the year before ranked third.
With guns passed through surveillance

At the concert got past security armed with two pistols, knives and other spare ammunition. While guarding by police checking incoming visitors, but did not have a metal detector, and its members were not armed.

Loibl finally on the spot committed suicide when it first managed to pacify the brother of the singer. "Her brother Marcus is a hero and perhaps saved countless more lives," said the police statement said.

Grimmie is famous mainly thanks to YouTube Video Channel interpretations of songs by other authors, but had several of his own hits. Known been especially among the very young audience.

Loibl on the door of the apartment on Saturday, according to The Tampa Bay Times found a message expressing condolences to the relatives of the singer. "The deepest sympathy for the loss of family, friends and fans very talented and loving Christina Grimmie. No further comment," he said.

Author: ČTK


Christina Grimmie's Final Concert - Watch Videos of Her Last Performance (EXCLUSIVE)

Published 12. 6. 2016

Christina Grimmie Dead: Video Of Last Performance A Minutes Before She Was Shot




Christina Grimmie Vigil | Brother Marcus Speaks Out

Published 14. 6. 2016

Christina Grimmie's brother Marcus addressed friends and family Monday night at a vigil for his sister in her New Jersey hometown, days after "The Voice" star was shot and killed in Orlando.


Christina Grimmie sings 'Wrecking Ball' The Voice Highlight Blind Auditions


In Loving Memory Of Christina Grimmie | March 12th, 1994 to June 10th, 2016 | We All Love You

Published 17. 6. 2016

zeldaxlove64 wrote:

Christina Grimmie was taken from all of us far too soon, but the impact she had on this world in the short 22 years of her life will carry on forever.


Christina Grimmie and Adam Levine Somebody That I Used to Know The Voice Highlight

Published 27.01.2016


#RIPChristina - Christina Grimmie Tribute (1994-2016)

Published 11.06.2016


Christina Grimmie - Hold On We're Going Home by Drake

Published 11. 3. 2015

The Best Artist all the Voice. I don´t believe...New Star


Ed Sheeran and Christina Grimmie - All of the Stars (The Voice Highlight)

Published 29. 8. 2014

Helping Others Dreams Come True, How Nice Can He Get? An Absolutely Brilliant Performance By Ed. Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe.


Top 9 The Voice of Christina Victoria Grimmie

Published 12. 6. 2016

Video compilation of Christina Victoria Grimmie, in memoriam

Christina Grimmie: "With Love" - The Voice 2014


Published 2. 12. 2014

Voice alum Christina Grimmie returns to sing the title track from her latest album, "With Love."



The words of one of her fan from youtube.com:


I am so heartbroken and sickened about the loss of Christina Grimmie. She was such an inspiration to so many people and she was taken from us in such a cruel and unfair way. The world can be such a scary place and it always seems to be the kindest ones that are taken away from us. Christina was one of the most talented people in world and she only got chance to showcase talent for a small number of years. Both my thoughts and prayers go to Christina's family, friends and fans and I really hope everyone else's do too. Rest In Peace Christina, I will miss your smile and amazing talent and you will be missed so so much by everyone.


Edited by justMAX

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I just don't get it. The shooter must have been an obsessed fan, like the guy who shot John Lennon.

I wonder if security will be beefed up at Adam's next round of photo ops.

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Good morning Foxey,


yes, I agree with you. It's tragic news / event. The murderer really was a obsessed fan. 


I love Christine's first singing in competition The Voice with the song Wrecking Ball. She sang with all her heart and soul was so pure, modest, true and fragile, gentle soul. And full of energy and enthusiasm. She made me smile.


With all my heart I wish Adam had the best working security guards and bodyguards. About this potential tragedy, I do not even think about. My heart would burst, I die of grief.

Edited by justMAX

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#RipChristinaGrimmie - Christina Grimmie Tribute - Just a Dream by Christina Grimmie


Singing in Heaven – A Christina Grimmie Tribute


Published 11. 6. 2016

Z96 wrote:

I am a huge Christina Grimmie fan and have been ever since I saw her cover Fireflies by Owl City. The news of her passing has shattered me. I make pointless edits all the time but this one means something. I had the opportunity to talk to her around 5 years ago and she was the most kindest, sweetest and talented person I had ever met. She inspired me to get into music and inspired me to love and cherish the things closest to me.

Why did someone so loving and talented have to pass in such a horrific way, I'll never know. All I know now is that she is singing in heaven, with all the other legends who have gone before me. This one is for the fans. #TeamGrimmie forever and always.

I love you and rest in peace.

Christina Victoria Grimmie
March 12, 1994 - June 11, 2016

Twitter: @KoboriKovacs


Looking back on Christina Grimmie's 2014 Manila visit

Published 11. 6. 2016

The late Christina Grimmie will always be remembered as a vocal powerhouse with a strong connection to her fans. Here, we look back on a beautiful performance of "With Love" in a 2014 press conference held in Manila.

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Christina Grimmie | Final Moments Before Singer Was Killed


Published 17. 6. 2016

An man shot and killed Christina Grimmie after a performance in Orlando. Other stars have taken extreme lengths to stay safe. -- SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: .

Christina Grimmie last performance - just minutes before the end of her life.just minutes before the end of her life.. what a talented and beautiful soul. Singer .

Christina Grimmie shot in orlando concert in critical condition dies after being shot at Plaza Live Theater concert. Former star of The Voice Christina Grimmie was .

Christina Grimmie Dead: Video Of Last Performance A Minutes Before She Was Shot Christina Grimmie's Final Concert - Watch Videos of Her Last Performance .

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Published 16. 6. 2016

I know this is not related to 1D, but I felt the need to make a video for Christina.

I've know her since the beginning of her channel, even before me, myself and I had a Youtube Channel.

At first, I couldn't let the news sink in -She was just 2 years older than me and she had her entire life ahead..just like me. Like you. Just like each one of you.

But with so much terror and tragedies happening all over the world in these days, I'm not even surprised to say that monsters do not exist.

Because the real monsters are human, and I cannot stop wondering when all of this is gonna end.

"Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one"

-John Lennon.



♡ INSTAGRAM ➜ http://instagram.com/biancaburgio

♡ TWITTER ➜ https://twitter.com/_letmehugharry

♡ SNAPCHAT ➜ @biancasnapx

Thank you for watching my videos.

I love you, as I always do.

Bianca x.

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